See the Horrifying Moment a 14-ft Giant Python Vomited a Huge Monitor Lizard (Photos)

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The 14-foot python was captured underneath slabs of concrete at the back of a woman's house in Thailand 
A 14-foot snake which is believed to be a Burmese python, which was found behind a woman's house inThailand, has been captured on camera regurgitating a huge lizard it swallowed moments before being recovered by rescuers.
According to a report by Dailymail, the massive snake was found in the home of a 44-year-old woman, Uraiwan Seksuk, in Mueang Samut Songkhram, Central Thailand.
It was learnt that the reptile was discovered when the woman was busy hanging laundry when she noticed the snake slithering underneath a broken motor in her backyard. She immediately called rescuers to help catch the reptile, which weighs approximately 44 pounds. 
A video which emerged online, shows officers Sawang Benchait and Samut Songkhram taking a hammer to the concrete in the woman's backyard, breaking away piece by piece to reveal the large snake hiding underneath. 
They eventually pound away at enough of the concrete to be able to pull the python out. After having its meal disturbed, the snake becomes aggressive and proves difficult to catch with the tools the rescuers have on hand.
The officers are seen grabbing the long snake by its tail and lifting it as its body bulges into the boot of one of their vehicles.
Before releasing it back into the wild, however, rescuers were shocked to see the python slowly regurgitating what turned out to be a large Asia water monitor, or varanus salvator.
The python had apparently suffocated and swallowed the lizard, which weighed 33 pounds and was 3-feet in length. 

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