10 Best and More Blended Family Gifts for the Modern Blended Family

  • 10 Best and More Blended Family Gifts for the Modern Blended Family

    10 Best and More Blended Family Gifts for the Modern Blended Family

    Remarriage is increasingly common these days, with 40% of previously-married people stepping up to the alter to say “I do” a second (or even third) time. Many of these remarriages include children from former marriages, making blended families more and more frequent.

    If you are invited to one of these ceremonies, you may be wondering what type of gift would be ideal for this new family unit.  After all, one or both of the betrothed will likely already have a fully-equipped home, so contributing to the china service might not be necessary. 

    Don’t worry!  We’ve come up with a list of the best blended family gifts to offer new blended families, that will be meaningful and cherished by the new Mr. and Mrs., as well as the children and stepchildren. 

    1. If you are crafty

    A terrific gift for a blended family is a custom-made quilt.  

    This is one of the best blended family gifts that incorporates symbols related to each member of this new family. This could be the traditional wedding ring quilt design, with favorite colors representing each person, or something more modern like a quilt made out of T-shirts.

    The T-shirt quilt uses favorite T-shirts (you would collect these from the blended family, but don’t tell them what you are using them for!).  When it is finished, you have a lovely pattern of favorite rock bands, sports teams, vacation sites, dog breeds…whatever they love, you’ve put it in the quilt. 

    2. Are you an artist?

    How about a painting which shows the new family in front of their new shared home? 

    3. Good at poetry?

    Writing a thoughtful poem for the wedding would be a highly-appreciated blended family gift. Find a calligrapher and have them write out your poem on quality paper, then mat and frame it.

    The blended family will love displaying this in their house as a constant reminder of their special day and is definitely accounted as one of the perfect blended family gifts in the list. 

    4. How about printing out a couple of dozen photos?

    You can take them off of their Facebook pages and create a special scrapbook for the new family. Maybe you can try a photo book instead? 

    5. Does the couple like wine?

    Offer them the gift of the grape!  One bottle of vintage wine for each of their birth years.  Added plus: five bottles that they set aside to age, to be opened on the next five wedding anniversaries.

    They will always remember you as they toast their happiness! 

    6. What if the new family likes theme parks?

    How about a gift certificate for a theme park near them?

    This would be a great way to celebrate post-wedding and help the blended family bond while doing a fun activity. 

    7. Gift basket

    Gift basket

    Everyone loves a gift basket filled with board games, card games, snacks and fruit juice boxes. The point of this gift is to help the blended family spend time together interacting which will ease the transition from separate units to one family unit.

    8. Monogrammed cozy bathrobes

    Cozy bathrobes, each monogrammed with the recipient’s name, are a fun gift that “rebrands” the family.

    There is something special about ending bath time with your own, personalized soft bathrobe, and when your new siblings have the same one, too, you feel like you all belong to each other.

    Quite an interesting concept and one of the perfect blended family gifts of all! 

    9. Custom-framed star maps

    Custom-framed star maps commemorating their wedding day are very popular right now, and make a nice memento to hang in a home office or bedroom.

    10. Charm bracelet for the bride

    For the bride, a charm bracelet with charms representing each member of the new blended family.

    Few other creative yet simple blended family gifts include –

    1. Traditional but always appreciated:  Engraved silver picture frames for displaying the beautiful wedding photos.
    2. Tickets to the hottest family-friendly musical in town.
    3. Gift certificate to a local, fancy restaurant, one that the couple would not normally go to.  Let the family have a real treat!
    4. Family membership to a local museum, aquarium or zoo.
    5. A year-long family pass to Disneyland (or another amusement park in their area).
    6. Tickets to a sporting event.
    7. Gift certificates to a mini-golf park.
    8. An ice-cream or yogurt maker.
    9. Is it summertime? A season pass to the local pool; Wintertime? Gift certificate for the family to spend a day at a local ski resort.
    10. A personalized doormat, representing the new family now living together.
    11. A hammock is always fun, especially when the entire family can fit on it and swing together.
    12. A gift certificate for a hot air balloon ride.  Nothing says togetherness than putting the whole family in one basket and flying them over the landscape.
    13. What about donating money to a cause that you know is important to the family?  Philanthropy is always a good thing to show children.  A local animal shelter, an environmental cause, building habitats in a third-world country…the list of needy causes is endless.
    14. For fun, pay for a reading with a psychic for the new family.  They might find out some interesting things that await in their future!
    15. A faux-fur oversized throw is very practical for those Netflix evenings when you are all on the sofa together.

    Whatever you wish to give to the new blended family, make it heartfelt, with no reminders of previous marriages. 

    The couple has a challenging road ahead, making sure that they do what is necessary so that this new blended family has the best start ever.  Your chosen blended family gifts will help make this new life all the sweeter.

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