4 Positive Habits That Can Influence Your Relationship

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normally have their ups and downs, however, there are some powerful habits that can positively influence any .  It is important for you to be deliberate when creating routines, especially for your . You will need to make an effort every single day to practice them so they become second nature to you. Below are some habits that can positively influence and affect your :


Always show respect to your partner, both publicly and privately. When you express respect towards your partner, you are expressing your , acceptance, and warmth. When you express disrespect, you are expressing that you don’t accept your partner. Also, respect your partner’s opinion and differences.


After each day, try to reconnect with your partner. Have solid discussions about your day and the things that must have happened. Also, acts such as sending a loving text during your lunch break or giving your partner a call on the way home. This habit is meant to keep the connection you have with your partner. Even if you have a hectic schedule, you can still make the time to send a text message or give your partner a phone call. Be creative. Think of ways that you can do to reconnect with your partner throughout the day.

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Cooking and cleaning

When you do house chores such as cooking and cleaning with your partner, you will always be able to connect with them better. The habit of cooking together creates intimacy, connection and ; making and eating food becomes an intimate act when you are with your partner. This is a perfect opportunity to spend quality time together.

Also, if you or your partner prefers doing the cooking, make it a habit that the other person cleans. This eases your partner and makes these moment a moment of bonding between you and your partner.


Happy couples take the time to empathize with their partner when they disagree or have differing points of views. When a spouse is experiencing difficulty or discussing something important to them, it’s critical to try to take their side by attempting to understand them. Steven Hardebeck, LPC, Gottman level 2 trained therapist states that “Taking your partner’s side requires each individual to postpone their own point of view and look at their partner’s world from his or her perspective.”

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