5 Books of Wisdom for the Newlyweds

5 Books of Wisdom for the NewlywedsIt’s that time of the year when every other person you know is either getting married or is directly related to someone about to get married.

So, if you are tired of coming up with ideas of what to gift the couple, then here is a list of books that you can choose from.

Giving books as a gift is a wonderful thought indeed.

It’s comparatively easier on the pocket than the items generally given as wedding gifts, and they also add a personal touch to your sentiments.

1. The five love languages by Gary Chapman

The book explains that every person has a primary language and a secondary one

In this book, Gary Chapman highlights and explains five ways of expressing love and calls them the love languages.

According to him, the five languages (in random order) are –

  • Receiving gifts
  • Acts of service
  • Spending quality time
  • Physical touch and words of affirmation

He explains that every person has a primary language and a secondary one.

In order to identify a person’s love language, we must closely observe how the person expresses love when it comes to others. By identifying how the other person expresses love, one can learn to express his/her emotions in the language their partner best understands.

This understanding will make room for improved communication and will allow both partners to recognize and value each other’s emotions.

Whether you like it or not, boundaries and ground rules (spoken or unspoken) are part of every .

And why should they not be?

After all, boundaries do help a lot when it comes to determining which territories are off limits and which aren’t.

Of course, in this book, the author doesn’t talk about tangible fences. This book will take the couple on a journey of deciding clear boundaries in their so that they communicate in better ways and understand which behaviors are and aren’t tolerable.

It will also enable the couple to build trust along the way in a manner that allows them to maintain a level of respect for each other.

3. There’s a spouse in my house by Peter Scott

This book is a humorous guide through the first years of marriage

This book is a humorous guide through the first years of marriage.

The writer, Peter Scott manages to deliver some great pieces of advice in a fun way. It will make the couple laugh out loud at some of the quirks newlyweds face.

This lighthearted book will definitely bring smiles to the faces of whoever reads it.

4. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus by John Gary

This novel helps you get an understanding of the opposite sex

You don’t necessarily have to be married for this one.

This masterpiece of a novel will help you get an understanding of the opposite sex whether you’re married or not. It tells the reader about certain differences in the way men and women behave because that’s just how it is.

That is why it builds on the idea that the two genders are essentially from different planets.

It guides the reader about how when the two genders start accepting their differences, they give love a chance to thrive. It also highlights ideas like the need for women to feel motivated when they are cherished and how men feel motivated when they are needed.

This single thought alone goes to show how poles apart the opposite sexes are.

All in all, this book is a great read and will make a lovely gift.

Well, who said you could only give guidebooks to newlyweds? This is a guidebook as well, but different from the ones mentioned before.

Ever heard the phrase families that eat together, stay together? Now, you have.

This book contains several recipes for different occasions and a few tips from experienced couples. This book will be an interesting gift for the newlyweds and they’ll thank you every time they try a delicious recipe from it.

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