5 Pointers That Deserve a Place in Your Wedding Checklist

5 Pointers That Deserve a Place in Your Wedding ChecklistAre you stressed about your big day? Do you feel like you’re short on time?

The wedding season is in full swing this month.

Many of us are busy planning our dream . Wedding planning is really exciting but it can be extremely nerve-wracking.

The key to getting everything done on time is to avoid panicking and focusing on the important task ahead.

It may seem difficult but actually, it’s simpler than you think. Before you get down to the nitty-gritty, here are a few steps to guide you through the process of wedding planning.

These pointers definitely deserve to be a part of your checklist. Let’s start, shall we?

1. Ideas ideas ideas!Ensure that you and your beloved partner have similar ideas in mind

First of all, it is very important that you and your beloved partner have similar ideas in mind. Both of you must plan out on what you want for your wedding over a cup of coffee.

This includes numerous details including the overall theme, budget and the type of catering you require.

It’s better to discuss things beforehand instead of fighting on the final day. Remember to do market research and start determining your priorities.

As serious as this may sound, this is actually one of the most interesting parts of wedding planning. The internet is overflowing with ideas on sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumbler.

Plus don’t forget to make a guest list.

2. Execution

Now on to the next stage, remember we discussed market research?

It’s smart to make a detailed spreadsheet to keep a track of numbers as they might alternate. Plus don’t forget to decide the final number of invites.

Again, the budget must be considered. Hire vendors who book up quickly including photographer, videographer, dancers etc. Its always better to be a bit early. Who knows, you might get a discount!

Again, you should do ample research on their prices and the packages they have to offer.

3. Shopping and splurgingYou must start searching for at least six months before your wedding

How can a wedding be memorable without a jaw-dropping wedding dress?

Most of us wait our whole lives to dress up as the perfect bride or groom. There’s no harm in admitting that you want to stand out since it’s a life-changing event that you want to cherish forever.

You must start searching for at least six months before your wedding since there’s a lot of cloth to be bought and many alterations to be made. This applies even to a ready-made dress.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a bride or groom, but you have to make sure the fitting is good.

Besides clothes, there are other factors such as beauty salon and spa bookings which must also be considered.

4. Planner to the rescue

Most of us take wedding planners for granted but they can play a major role in helping with a number of issues such as legal contracts and money wastage.

Small decisions can add up to big savings if you hire a good wedding planner.

A planners job is to stay focused and to ensure that everything happens according to what you have envisioned.

Wedding planners already know how to deal with vendors and hence keep things streamlined.

5. VenuesAt last decide the place where the magic is supposed to happen

Now coming to the final part, the place where the magic is supposed to happen.

Usually, people choose country clubs, hotels or ballrooms for their . If you want to make your wedding extra special, try to think outside the box. You can even consider large event spaces, barns or restaurants.

In case, there are more than two functions, always choose the location of the venue according to the ease of most of your guests. The best advice is to choose an area that gives a homely feeling.

You can also decide if the event is supposed to be outdoor or indoor but in any case, elegant touches such as fairy lights, chandeliers, and flower arrangements always add to the beauty of the occasion.

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