5 Romantic Date Ideas to Enchant the Pisces Dates

5 Romantic Date Ideas to Enchant the Pisces Dates

If you’re in love with a Pisces or looking to get closer to one, you might already know that you’ve got a chameleon on your hands.  

Pisces tend to adapt themselves to match or suit others, or to suit different situations according to their often romantic perception of how they should be.   

Pisces are the lovers of the zodiac.

They are romantic in their ideas and often fantastical too. The best Pisces date ideas are often achieved by establishing a sense of love, romance, and connection.

Pisces also has a low key showy side that loves indiscreet attention (of course most wouldn’t admit this even to themselves), but if the spotlight seems to be on them in some way, then you might just unlock their heart.  

So, what are the ideal Pisces date ideas that you can enjoy to tap into the surprising depths of a loving Pisces? What’s the best way to honor their rose colored world and discover their fun and fabulous side?

Read on for six great date ideas for the Pisces in your life:

1. Head for the beach

Pisces are free-spirited and loving

Pisces are free-spirited and love the idea of cleansing or filling their soul with some good old-fashioned sea vibes.

Take your Pisces on a beach date, and this will be one Pisces date idea that your Pisces will never forget.  

But don’t spend your time in the arcades. Instead take a cosy blanket, some wine, and sit on the beach in each other’s company. Find a beachside eatery after with some fantastic food and your Pisces will be well and truly wooed.   

2. Plan a picnic

Romance is everything to a Pisces, and nothing says romantic more than a specially prepared picnic for your Pisces date. When we say ‘specially prepared’ we mean it.  

If you take the time to make the food yourself, or to choose food carefully with your Pisces in mind, the effort will not be lost on them at all.

They will be delighted that you went to such efforts, even if it was just seeking out an interesting food item that they love and repacking it, or heading to a deli to find a few different foods to try.  

Pisces will love that you went to such efforts and they’ll also love that you did this through food.

Food is another route to a Pisces heart.  

3. Get romantic

Anything and everything romantic wins for a Pisces date idea

Anything and everything romantic wins for a Pisces date idea.  

You can be as cliche as you like, and pay little effort to your romantic setup.  Even if you light a few extra candles, play some sweet music, whisper some sweet nothings and cook a nice meal, a Pisces will love that.  

Take them away on a romantic weekend, or a well-planned dinner date and you Pisces will replay that Pisces date idea in their heart and mind for months to come.

4. Get into some role play

If you know a Piscean well, you’ll discover that they can sometimes change depending on who they are around. To some other signs, this might seem somewhat superficial or even fake, but it’s not to a Pisces.  

They love to get into the moment, and they think that adapting to the person they are with is how they make and demonstrate a connection to them (except most Pisces don’t even realize they do this).  

Their chameleon tendencies are not meant to be fake at all.  

So, a perfect Pisces Date idea is to get into some role play.  Role play in the bedroom is a definite must (but there needs to be some trust, and it will probably need to start low key).  

Roleplay on a date might be a show-stopping Pisces date idea.  

Take your Pisces somewhere where you have to dress up and step into a role as part of the date such as a Jazz event, or murder mystery event and they’ll love it.  

Any form of fantasy, especially if it’s romantic is going to work for a Pisces date idea. 

5. Watch a show

Be it a theatre, a ballet, or an outdoor concert, Pisces love to spend their time there

Pisces love to be swept away at the moment and nothing does that better than a live show for a Piscean whether it be a theatre, a ballet, Cirque du Soleil, a choir, or an outdoor concert.  

This is one Pisces date idea that will win you some kudos. Go Green Fingered. Pisceans love nature and are probably very likely to develop a green finger or two at some point in their life.  

Take them to some gardens, do some gardening together, or even attend a garden party (or restaurant with a fantastic garden) and the surroundings will open up and inspire your Pisces in ways that you wouldn’t imagine.  

Even if you go fruit picking, to a vineyard or set a date up in your backyard – anything green related will work for great Piscean date idea.

Dating a Pisces is all about romance, fantasy, and fun

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Dating a Pisces is always going to involve love, romance, and fantasy, even though that sounds like a cliche date idea Pisceans live and breathe this vibe every single day.  

Their world is viewed with rose tinted specs and learning how to view the world through the eyes of a Pisces, even though it might seem confusing at times is nothing but heartwarming and fun.  You’re in for a fun and loving time if you are dating a Pisces.

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