5 Things That You Can Gift Your Wife This Valentine’s Day, Other Than Flowers

  • 5 Things That You Can Gift Your Wife This Valentine's Day, Other Than Flowers

    5 Things That You Can Gift Your Wife This Valentine's Day, Other Than Flowers

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you know the drill.

    Give her flowers, take her out for a dinner, gift her some jewellery and call it a day. But is it really has to be like that? Especially, when you can do a lot more and make her feel loved and cared for!

    Here are five ways to express your love for your beloved wife and turn over a new leaf. 

    1. Your time

    Your schedule, work, and deadlines are very understandable.

    If you are the sole breadwinner of the family, it is even more difficult for you to make ends meet and as a result, you are putting in twice the effort with little to no time to spare for family and yourself.

    This Valentine’s Day, besides getting her flowers, ensure that you turn off your mobile and see your life past the notifications.

    She would definitely appreciate a stroll in the evening with you than a dinner date where you spend half time looking at your mobile. 

    2. Safety and security

    Living in present is very important to stay happy.

    However, it doesn’t compensate the need for the security. She requires the promise of security and safety for her and her kids in each aspect be it financially, physically or emotionally.

    This is not something that you should be doing on V-Day alone, but you can definitely reiterate your promise to her on this day.

    3. Listen and understand

    This could very well be the foundation of a healthy and happy relationship.

    Often, we come across sexist and derogatory stuff wrapped in a joke format, ridiculing women that how they gossip and chat. However, not many of us bother to listen and brush past this as just nonsense.

    This Valentine’s Day, for a change, listen and try to understand her fears, insecurities, and concerns. Ask her about her work, her hobbies and if something is bugging her. Maybe she is insecure about her professional future or maybe she wants to become an entrepreneur. Give her a chance to open up to you. 

    4. Create memories

    watch her favorite movie with her and cook for her

    Give her unforgettable memories and show her some good time. Talk with her, listen to her, watch her favorite movie with her and cook for her.

    Make this day about her and create some memories that she will always cherish. 

    5. Some ‘me’ time

    You know how difficult it can be to get some time alone if you are working, have kids at home or living in a joint family.

    Now, imagine yourself in her shoes. After toiling hard at work, she has to get the groceries and cook too. It is impossible to give her the exact life before marriage, but you most certainly can try to give her some space and ‘me’ time.

    If you have kids, ask grandparents to take care of them during the weekends. You can also try to maintain a work-life balance and instead of going out with your friends for a beer party every Friday, you can help her in the kitchen. You can also take turns in arranging groceries and stuff.

    These small gestures mean a lot and can result in lots of love from her.

    Love isn’t about just one day

    All these gestures will tell you a thing or two about loving your better half.

    Love isn’t about just one day. It is a 24 / 7 job.

    A is formed when both of you are involved actively and it definitely doesn’t mean, showering with her flowers and jewellery on every occasion.

    Love is a lot more than just fulfilling the materialistic needs.

    It is strengthened through words, touch, and gestures. Don’t give her a reason to resent you or your . This Valentine’s Day, turn the tables for the sake of love. Make it an occasion where you vow to take care of her, love her and surprise her with flowers and gifts forever.

    Here’s signing off wishing that you keep the flame of love and romance burning all your life.

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