6 Motivations to Take the Sex in Your Marriage to the Next Level

  • 6 Motivations to Take the Sex in Your Marriage to the Next Level

    6 Motivations to Take the Sex in Your Marriage to the Next Level

    Talking or opening up about your sex life isn’t something that everyone is comfortable with, and that’s perfectly fine. However, if you feel like there’s been a lull in the sex motivations between you and your partner, then it’s perfectly fine to admit it and find some way to overcome it.

    While there are plenty of deep-rooted issues that could be affecting your marriage, many couples simply just suffer from a lack of sexual motivation.

    In this article, we’re going to cover 7 different ways on how to get sexually motivated and to relight that passion and take the sex in your marriage to the next level. 

    1. Discovering new things about your partner

    Love involves learning about and accepting everything that your partner has to offer, and if this includes certain kinks and interests in your bed then sex is a great motivator to learn more about them.

    You can’t necessarily force your partner to tell you all their dirty little secrets, but encouraging them to open up (and doing so yourself) is actually is a great sexual motivation and it can help to create sexual tension and trust between you both and it’s a fantastic opportunity to take both your and your sex to the next level. 

    2. Strengthen the bond with your partner

    Few people realize that sex is a great way to strengthen the bond between couples. We tend to act differently around our partner when sex is involved, whether it’s before, during or even after.

    Many couples use sex as a way to create a stronger , and with this in mind, it can help to make your that much more intimate. Sexual motivation can strengthen your bond. 

    Of course, sex likely isn’t going to cure issues that run deep in your relationship, but it’s an option regardless that could help to make your connection that much sweeter. 

    3. Consider taking some time off your work lives

    Sometimes, our busy lives can often get in the way of having sex and enjoying ourselves to the fullest. Perhaps one of you is always on call and a random work phone call from work could interrupt your intimacy, or perhaps you’ve recently had kids and you’re spending most of your time looking after them and have little time to spend with your partner.

    Whatever the case may be, it’s important to consider taking some time off and going on a weekend break or a short holiday with your partner so that you can focus on each other so you have time to get intimate. A weekend getaway is a great sexual motivation to get closer to each other.

    One of best sex quotes you can take from-

    “Screw stress have sex.” 

    4. Take a trip down memory lane

    Take a trip down memory lane

    Sometimes, all it takes to bring back those passions is to take a trip down memory lane. Perhaps it could be a romantic dinner at an iconic location that’s important to your relationship, or maybe it’s looking back at some of your wedding photo albums to spark up that passion once again. Either way, a trip down memory lane is often all it takes to bring your sexual motivation back.

      5. Switch up the routine

    A lot of couples have restricted schedules due to having other commitments such as work and family. As a result, you can get into a routine of having sex and being intimate at certain times of the day or even days of the week. This can drag your sex life down into the pits because it feels more like a routine obligation than a time to be intimate and romantic with each other. Now, how to get sexually motivated when sex get montonous?

    If this is the case, switch up your routine and be more spontaneous and committed to sex. 

    6. Foreplay throughout the day

    Even if you have to commit to your schedules, if you’re able to spend a bit of time with each other engaging in foreplay you can drastically improve your sex drive and take the sex in your marriage to the next level. This can include some dirty messaging throughout the workday, a bit more kissing and caressing instead of going straight from 0 to 100 with a quickie and generally preparing for when you finally get to settle down at the end of the night.

    You can also take some sex quizzes with your partner for fun. It will get you into the naughty zone and get the bedroon fires burning.

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