7 Countries to Move to for a Fresh Start Post Divorce

Countries to move to for a fresh start post divorce

Moving abroad is an excellent chance to rediscover who you are and what you want out of life. It’s a brilliant chance to branch out, take a risk and tackle the fear of something new (but potentially great.)

As Elizabeth Gilbert said – “Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation.”

So whether you’ve survived an earth-shattering divorce, have just come out of a huge family breakdown, can’t face one more day in your job and longing to try something new, or if you’re just desperately after a change of scene – these are our top 7 suggestions for where you should move. After all – if you never try, you’ll never know!


Finland is touted as the safest and best governed country in the world

Finland has jumped up the world happiness list, and as of 2018, it is now the world’s happiest country. The country has also been touted as the safest and best-governed country in the world.

Pros: Amazing forests and lakes, stunning architecture, has some of the best schools and employment laws in the world, the sun doesn’t set for two months of the year

Cons: The sun doesn’t come up at all during parts of winter


Canada is also known as a massive cultural hub

Huge drawcards for moving to Canada is its universal healthcare, strong employment market and low crime rates. But, Canada is also known as a massive cultural hub, with amazing music, film and art scenes in its major cities.

If you’re outdoorsy and into hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, skiing or sledging, then you’ll love Canada’s iconic lakes, snow, mountains and national parks. Canada is also home to three of the world’s most liveable cities: Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver.

Pros: Beautiful natural landmarks, bustling film and music scene, multi-cultural with French-speaking populations

Cons: Taxes are high, becoming a resident can be difficult with the country’s tough immigration laws


It is the land of sand, sea and sunshine

The land of sand, sea and sunshine – Australia doesn’t just have to be a holiday you tick off the bucket list; it could be your new way of life. With a westernized culture paired with amazing food and weather and a seriously chilled out way of life, it’s certain to be a happiness booster for all your years to come.

Pros: Amazing coastlines and sunny weather, it has a quirky history and culture, it is home to three of the world’s most liveable cities: Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth

Cons: Cost of living is rising faster than the rest of the world.


Germany has one of the lowest youth unemployment rates

Besides the beer and sausages, Germany boasts many benefits. If you’re in your 20s, then heading to Germany might be one of the best moves you can make if you need a job straight away. The nation has one of the lowest youth unemployment rates and amazing apprenticeship schemes.

If you’re a redhead, then you’ll love the lack of speed limits on many of Germany’s motorways, (but you should still drive safely!) Cyclists will be taken care of too, with Germany well geared for cycle paths. Public transport is also excellent in Germany, with cheap and comfortable high-speed trains, always running on the time between major cities.

Pros: Good worker rights and protection, world-renowned bakeries, rich cultural history and stunning architecture

Cons: Shopaholics will be devastated – pretty much every shop in Germany is closed on Sundays

Costa Rica

Costa Rican people (or Ticos) are known as being extremely friendly

More and more people from all over the world are moving to Costa Rica every year – retirees, young families, beachgoers – you name it! But the gorgeous weather and beach lifestyle are just some of the reasons people are flocking to the “pura vida”. Costa Rican people (or Ticos) are known as being extremely friendly and are very welcoming to tourists and expats.

The government likes foreigners too and they’ve made it very easy for you to do business in Costa Rica. You don’t even have to be a resident to start a business over there, you just need a holiday visa! Plus – you can buy up property very easily over there while renting is also quite cheap.

Pros: Laid back “pura vida” lifestyle, beautiful natural terrains, high-rated healthcare system, low cost of living, flexible visa and resident laws

Cons: Quite touristy in some parts, the “pura vida” lifestyle means it often takes a long time for things to get done – proving to be frustrating for some foreigners


Norway is in a great place right now. Consistently one of the happiest countries in the world year after year, Norway’s economy is booming and it’s leading the way in new industries. With world-leading paid parental leave schemes, universal childcare access, flexible working, generous benefits and high workforce participation rates, especially among women, it’s also one of the world’s most family-friendly places to work.

In terms of lifestyle, Norway is a paradise of spectacular scenery, which is great for outdoorsy folk. Another plus for hikers and campers? You can camp literally anywhere. Norway has a law called ‘allemannsrett’ which gives you the right to put up a tent anywhere you like.

Pros: See the Midnight Sun & Northern Lights, ski in the middle of summer, healthcare is free for residents, low crime rate, high-quality education, lifestyle and family-friendly work culture

Cons: High taxes, it’s very cold


Mexico boasts many benefits – the people are kind and welcoming, the cost of living is low and buying real estate is quite easy – making it a great place for a fresh start. It’s diverse terrains, including lush greenery, beautiful lakes, fantastic beaches and gorgeous mountains, means that you can begin your fresh start in a literal paradise.  

Pros: Perfect mix of rich cultural history and modern lifestyle, affordable property, goods and services cost less, friendly people, great food, laidback lifestyle

Cons: English is not the first language of Mexico, curly hair beware – it’s quite humid

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