7 Things to Know Before Dating a Startup Owner

7 Things to Know Before Dating a Startup OwnerStartup owners are fascinating people who excel at business, but unfortunately, they usually don’t excel that much when it comes to relationships.

The reason for that lies in their busy working schedule, excessive ambition, and work-life imbalance. They can be great and committed partners, but as you can see they come with their startup baggage.

If you’re dating a startup owner or considering it, you should prepare yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions, adventures and be ready to discover a whole new world.

Are you ready?

If so, then it would be wise to learn some positive and negative aspects of dating a startup owner and get a grasp of what you’re getting yourself into:

1. Startup owners don’t work from 9 to 5Startup owners don't work from 9 to 5

Business owners juggle different roles on a daily basis – they are a CEO, marketing manager, client manager, finance expert and so on. That’s why they always have their work on their mind, and rarely they can finish everything until 5 o’clock.

They’ll probably continue to work when they get back home, and laptop will be their best friend, or they’ll wake up at 6 A.M. to work on new sales strategies.

2. Startup owners have small budgets

When entrepreneurs start their own business, they put all their resources into it, their expertise, time, effort and of course finances.

In the beginning, it’s usually hard to have a steady income.

There are many things startup owners need to take care of first before they get their paycheck. It will take some time until they get on their feet and achieve financial stability.

3. Startup owners don’t like procrastinators

Startup owners are competent individuals who are motivated and inspired.

Therefore, they like to surround themselves with the same type of people. They don’t like spending time with procrastinators and lazy people without ideas.

You should definitely do some soul-searching to figure out what exactly makes you always put things off and wait until the last minute.

You can also find an exciting hobby or take a course to learn a new skill.

4. Spontaneity is another name for startup ownersStartup owners have a flexible working schedule and a proactive attitude

Since they have a flexible working schedule and a proactive attitude, you’ll never have a boring moment with a startup owner.

They are full of surprises that go beyond roses and chocolate.

When they have an idea, they immediately act and go for it. You just need to say yes and enjoy the ride on this exciting rollercoaster.

5. Frequent last-minute changes

Startup owners have a busy working schedule that needs to be flexible whenever new opportunity, project or meeting arise. Therefore, it isn’t unusual to have your plans canceled and postpone your weekend getaway, date night or hanging out with your friends.

The key to making it work is to be flexible as well and seize every moment you have together.

6. Startup owners ask a lot of questionsStartup owners ask a lot of questions

Having a curious and analytical mind, entrepreneurs tend to question everything and ask many questions, even if the subject isn’t related to their business. They like to gain new knowledge.

Learning is a never-ending process for them.

Probably you’ll get used to it, so you will end up asking questions yourself and learning new things.

7. You’ll watch TV shows like Silicon Valley

Startup owners like to watch entrepreneurial films or TV shows because they inspire them to work harder and to aim for higher goals. It’s another way to learn about their hectic business culture.

So, don’t be surprised when your partner asks you to watch The social network or The Pursuit of Happiness.

Who knows, maybe you’ll like it and learn something new?

Wrapping up

Every has its ups and downs.

There is no secret formula to a successful relationship with a startup owner, or in fact, with anybody else.

However, being familiar with the obstacles that may arise along the way can significantly increase chances for a happy relationship with a startup owner.

As in any relationship, it’s crucial to keep open and frequent communication to avoid possible difficulties and together with love and trust.

This will be an excellent foundation for a successful relationship.

In the end, keep in mind that startup owners can make the best or worst relationship material depending on their partner.

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