8 Unique Gifts for Weddings to Make the Couple Feel Special

8 Unique Gifts for Weddings to Make the Couple Feel Special

Do you have your friend’s wedding coming up and you’re now confused what to get the couple that will surely leave them happy?

Well, here is a list of a handful of creative and thoughtful gifts that will make your gift different from the others and will be useful for the married couple as well.

1. Old Havana plates

The married couple will surely be getting a lot of dinner sets, teapot sets, and plate sets.

So instead of opting for those traditional sets, you can gift the couple colorful and bright Havana plates.

Not only are such plates microwave and dishwasher friendly, but they’re also a cool addition to the table during meals.

2. Suitcase set for the couple

If you know the happy couple to be big fans of travel and adventure, then you should opt for a luggage set.

If you think that the set isn’t really a personal touch, then you can throw in some custom luggage tags with their wedding date.

So, every time they pack up for a trip, you’ll surely come to mind seeing that suitcase.

3. Belgian waffle maker

We’re all aware of the importance of the day’s first meal. So, as a good friend, you can ensure that the couple starts off their morning right with kitchenware essentials.

You can be sure that with a waffle maker at their disposal, the couple will surely be using it frequently.

Plus, they’ll be able to decide on the crispiness they want, and they’ll never turn to frozen waffles ever again thanks to you!

4. Gift cards

Another gift you can consider giving is a gift card

Another gift you can consider giving is a gift card for a place that the couple will be going to during their honeymoon.

For example, people have reported getting gift cards for Disneyland. If you don’t find this too impressive, then you can also add in a keychain of a bride and groom figures.

5. Table lamp

You must be thinking, what’s so special about a table lamp.

Well, we’re not talking about gifting any ordinary lamp. Instead what we are proposing is a neon heart-shaped table lamp.

You can be pretty sure that they won’t have a heart-shaped sign and this unique decorative lamp would only add to their room’s décor.

6. Tickets to any event

The options, in this case, are endless. Surely, the married couple would love at least something whether it is a band, a musical, a comedy show, or even a sports game.

So for instance, you could check out if their favorite band is touring nearby and gift them tickets for their concert.

Similarly, if the couple is a fan of musicals and soap operas and the Broadway cast is touring, then tickets to those would also be great!

7. Bedding set

Gift the couple a set of cosy sheets and see how grateful they are to you

You can never go wrong with this. After all, who doesn’t love to sleep?

Gift the couple a set of cosy sheets and see how grateful they are to you!

Worried about the couple not liking the material or color? There’s no need! Just go with a neutral color along with pure 100% Egyptian cotton.

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8. Customized star map poster

This is something truly unique and adds more sentimental value for the couple. Plus, it won’t cost much as well! What we’re talking about is putting their love in a poster.

Simply opt for a cool customized poster that features an authentic astrology map.

On the poster, you can either get a certain place, or a particular date of your choice mapped. So, you could either commemorate their engagement or you could have a poster of the night of their wedding day made and gifted to them later.

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