9 Unique Wedding Gifts for Couples

9 Unique Wedding Gifts for Couples

Weddings! We all love them. We love the colors, the joy, the songs, and the get-together. Any reason to take a break from the scheduled monotonic life and have a laugh or two with your family or friends.

However, with all the fun comes a bit of stress as well. If you thought that shopping for yourself was difficult then wait till you have to buy a gift for the lucky couple. It is the talk of the olden days that you’d have to max out your card and get a lavish gift for a loved one.

You just have to be thoughtful of your loved one’s needs and get them what they need in their future life.

It does not mean that you bow out with an envelope as well. If your ideas are running dry, worry not.

Following are a few ideas that will help you when you need it most:

1. Cookware set

Pots and pans are one of the most essentials in a household. Can’t go too long without food, can you? This gift can be extremely useful especially if the couple is moving into their own place.

Here’s to all the kitchen experiments and the future cooking.

2. The beautiful bedspreads and comforters

New house, new furniture, new spreads. Help the new couple start off their life with vibrancy and colors. One’s room tells a lot about the person staying within.

An artistic and abstract spread can portray a happy and joyful mind and heart. Besides a clean bed sheet is kind of necessary? Don’t you think?

3. Pressed glass photo frames

With weddings come pictures. Every couple wants to capture the best and most special moments of their lives for forever. One can gift a set of frames for the couple to show off their big day in elegance and style.

4. Hire a photographer

You can take care of the expenses of a photographer and make their day extra special

Weddings can be pricey, for the couple especially. One can lessen that burden and help them out. If not directly then just take a responsibility off of them.

You can take care of the expenses of a photographer and make their day extra special.

Help them create memories and enjoy the fun with one less thing to worry about.

5. Plates and utensils

A new household needs everything. Imaging eating meals on plates gifted by a loved one and thinking about them whenever you have your meal or invite a few friends over.

Be that person who is forever thankful to you and always remember you.

Gift a new couple a colorful set of crockery and ease their transition from being single to married.

6. Suitcase

You can never go wrong with a set of a suitcase. With so much moving around, gifting a set of a suitcase can be tremendously considerate. You will be helping them in the move and during future adventures and holidays, they will definitely think of you and remember you.

7. Throw in a throw blanket or two

Here’s to all the young cousins and friends, make sure that the couple has lots of cosy nights and sleep-ins.

Gift them abstract designed throw blankets to snuggle in and discuss life, marriage, future, and love.

8. Go digital or Polaroid

Go digital or Polaroid

Marriage basically means starting a new journey together. One goes through a lot of changes and experiences a lot of different things.

Gift the new couple a digital or Polaroid camera so they can capture their adventure and make memories as they unravel what life has in store for them.

9. Personalized trinkets

In this day and age, any and everything is possible. Make your loved ones special day more special by gifting them that is not just store-bought, but it conveys directly how much thought you actually gave into the gift, personalize it.

Personalized gifts are obviously unique and very much in trend right now. From t-shirts to mugs, from towels to key chains, from fabric to bedspreads.

And the list does not end here. There are still a million things that you can get for a couple and it can be unique.

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