Affiliate Help

What you need to know before you join: It costs money to be online, and we want you to take a advantage of that. Same data you use for your social engagements online can actually fetch you some income. That was why Ajibotic News comes up with Affiliate Program called Ajibotic Affiliate Program (AAP), to enable you monetize your online presence and usage. Ajibotic Affiliate Program (AAP) is a Cost Per Action (CPA) Program that developed to pay its members for completing various tasked on a daily basis.  Your earning is measured based on your daily tasks. To maximize your Earnings, you’ll have to perform all tasks. We share  our earnings from Ads networks, Companies, Sponsored  Posts,  Individual Ads and other Business Promotions with you. That is how we make the money we pay you. All earnings are credited in USD and withdrawable in BTC or NGN for Nigerians only. You get paid daily to:
  1. Read Published News
  2. Refer People to Register
  3. Share our News Online
Just click on Login/Register on the Top Menu or point to MAKE MONEY on the main Menu, then click on Login/Register to get started or click on the button below. GET STARTED
Yes. Registration is Absolutely Free!!!
MWT means Minimum Withdrawal Threshhold
You get Paid to your registered Bitcoin Address or Local Bank Account for Nigerians
You get Paid When you have reached the MWT. MWT = $15, US Dollar. Once reached, Just Click on Withdraw Earnings tab, Fill the form by providing the amount you wish to withdraw, with other details and submit. You will Receive your earnings to your wallet/account within few hours, maximum of 48 hours Payments are is settled every Last Thursday of the month, once you have Reached the MWT and requested for withdrawal
No, not at all! we do not charge any fee for that. Once you got registered, your Affiliate link is Generated for you which can be seen on your Affiliate Page.
In order to curb Cheating, we implemented some rules. There's a daily limit for every user to earn for reading News. once you have reached the limit, subsequent News you read would not be credited by our System. The maximum daily Limit is 10. Once you reached the limit, further news read would not be credited. You can perform some other available tasks to earn more.
There are three reasons why that may happen.
  1. There is a limit for which every user can refer and get paid per day. The current daily limit is 5. Once you reach that limit, other subsequent referrals for that day would not be credited.
  2. Secondly, the possible cause can also be when you try to cheat by registering more than one person with same IP. Our system will not credit the earning. We only allow one user per IP.
  3. Thirdly, your friends may not have clicked on your referral link. Please do make sure the did and your link inst broken.
There's a daily limit to number of news you can share on social network and get paid. Each members can share up to 5 news per day. Once reached, subsequent News Shares would not be credited.

Do you have some interesting News, Reports or Gist? Feel free to submit to us for Publication.