Allure Tips: Rules TO Rock Off Shoulder Like A Pro

The off shoulder trend is one that has shown us that it is not ready to take the back sit on the fashion scene as nobody seems tired of flaunting their shoulders. for this reason, we have to ensure we slay it right since it’s finding its way to becoming an essential in most women’s wardrobe.

While some have done this trend great justice, others continue to amaze us as they show us every time that while they want to flaunt their shoulders too, they can’t pull it off like the pros are doing. For that w have put together these tips to ensure you an easy rocking off shoulder journey.

1. No straps!

Why wear a strapped bra for an off shoulder top? That makes you look confused. If you’re really busty and you need straps for your bra, then opt for cut-outs or off shoulder that comes with big enough traps to hide your bra.

2. Pick the right bra.

The right bra gives your off shoulder the right fitting. The bra shouldn’t be too small or too big hence it’ll distract the look by showing signs of bust spillage or space in the bra. So ensure you’re wearing the right half bra which includes size and colour in cases of transparency.

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3. Your Hair matters!
Be mindful of your hairstyle because it affects the final result of your off shoulder look. Dropping your hair will give you a sexy mature look while packing your hair up will either give you a classy or innocent look. So decide your preferred look with your hair.

4. Let it hold you right!

Let your elastic or tailoring be strong enough to hold still. You wouldn’t want to wear an off-shoulder top or dress and you spend the whole day adjusting the shoulders as you try to keep it in place, not good.

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