Batista vs. Triple H match teased during Evolution reunion on WWE Smackdown 1000

Smackdown 1000 several appearances from former Superstars as they touted being the second-longest television show in the history of episodic television.

The first hour the return of Stephanie, Shane and Vince McMahon in a segment with R-Truth and Carmella. The first hour also appearances from the General Manager’s of the past Vickie Guerrero, Teddy Long, and John Laurinaitis in a backstage segment with Paige.

The highlight for many fans was the return of (, , and ). All of them cut promos in the ring. said has spent more time in the make-up chair than in the wrestling ring. Bautista spoke and said he’s a little bit nervous being back in the ring because it’s been a long time. He said that he would ignore what Orton just said and he said the last place he wants to be is with a microphone in his hand.

said he came up with four things to say:

1. He wanted to be there to celebrate the brand that he helped build.
2. Because Smackdown 1000 is in his hometown where he grew up.
3. The fans around the world are the reason why he wanted to come back. All he wanted to do was to entertain the fans.
4. He talked about as a group and how special the reunion is.

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He put over and said he knew Orton would be special the first time he saw him. He said Orton has more talent in his pinky than half of the guys that ever stepped in the ring. He put over Flair and joked that there’s nothing he can tell the fans that they don’t already know. Batista joked, “keep that thing in your pants.” Then he talked about ’s accomplishments and said he is this business and there is nothing that he hasn’t done in the business…”except beat me.”

Corey Graves said they were just clowning around as the Evolution music played and Hunter went over to hug Batista. That was clearly a set up for a future Triple H vs. Batista match. Batista has said many times in that he wants a WrestleMania match against Triple H.

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