Best Sex and Dating Apps for the Single Ladies

Best Sex and Dating Apps for the Single Ladies

Tinder has become the “definition” of what a dating and sex app is, many people would say that it is the best sex app on the market. And Tinder does its job well. However, there are many more apps comparable to Tinder… and they offer more too!

Here in this article are five of the best sex apps that are not Tinder – for making a no-strings-attached kind of .

A quick history of dating and best sex apps

Hookup culture is what has brought the best sex apps to life. These days thanks to sex apps finding a new partner is quite easy for people who would use these apps. Some of the dating and best sex apps are also like Facebook’s Messenger which allows its users to call their contacts.

Over the years online dating has become very easy. But that’s to be expected when you realize that we have had a lot of time to advance our technology!   Using media to ‘hook up’ started way back in 1695 when people who had the money would publish their “profile” through newspapers. From then, finding dates in this way has jumped to the “personals” section of Craigslist, to what we currently have now aka dating and sex apps.

The evolution of dating “online” rode whatever technological advancement was available during that time.

In this article, we dive deeper into the best sex apps that are currently available on the Apple Store or Google Play.

Move over Tinder: 3 Of The Best Sex Apps to Tinker With In 2018 and 2019

The best thing about this is it’s fast, completely anonymous, and your profile stays completely private

Considered to be one of the best sex apps in the market today, Pure removes troublesome texting and puts you straight in contact with anyone who has the same objective as you. According to its makers, Pure is all about the after dark adventures of anyone who signs up on the site.

The best thing about this is: it’s fast, completely anonymous, and your profile stays completely private.

Ever wondered what it would be like to feel destiny for the second time around? You can relive this moment, even though you can’t remember the first kismet, through Happn.

Happn is a location-based dating app where you can find out whether you’ve crossed paths with people on the app before.

The app was initially launched in France, Happn has been serving its community since 2014. Like Tinder, Happn only allows you to chat with other people if both of ‘like’ each other’s profile.

Down will use your Facebook profile to build your profile on their app. It will access your friends’ list and your potential hook up friends’ list.

You are only exposed to people with whom you have mutual friends. This could be a good thing for you or a bad thing since it limits you to your immediate circle. One way to look at it is that you would have an idea of who is the person you’re chatting with.

You can ask the one you’re mutual friends with whether this person can be trusted if you’re looking for a hookup that can turn into something more serious. The bad thing about it is the possibility of running into them in the future especially if you’ve kept things purely sexual.

Online dating safety tips

Set up yourselves on the dating scene using some of the best sex apps available online

Set up yourselves on the dating scene using some of the best sex apps available online.

Here are some of the few safety tips that you must remember:

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1. Go to a crowded place where many people can see the two of you. Online dating is entirely devoid of any “getting to know.” Chances are, you barely know this person, and you’ve exchanged quite a few texts but never really gotten the chance to talk or to get to know them.

2. Even though you might feel comfortable meeting up with this person, keep your safety the number one priority. Do not meet up in places where there aren’t any security cameras. If they ask you to meet up in a dodgy place, I say dodge them. Sure he’s got a nice looking package, but, safety first!

3. Since you’re using these apps for hooking up, always carry with you some protection. Always bring condoms to avoid STDs and unwanted pregnancy.

4. Remember, sex is consensual. If someone forces their way to you, that’s abuse. If they’re forcing you to do things you do not want, that’s abuse. If they’re forcing you to send them nudes and you do not want to do it, don’t. Do not let random people on the internet forces you to do things that you wouldn’t usually do.

5. Never give your exact location. I know these hookup/sex apps require your location, but it never exposes your actual pinpoint to the person you’re sexting with. If they ask for your address, don’t give it to them. Block them and thank me later.

6. If you’re sending nudes across the internet, please be careful. Some offenders would upload your nudes just for the hell of it. These days it cannot be curbed as sexting can go that way, exchanging nudes. If you do, hide your pretty face, hun.

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