Big E has a lot to say about Kevin Owens’ attack on Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods

It turns out was right about .

He didn’t outright spell it out but was sending out hints on social media before SmackDown Live basically sending a warning to and about their association with Owens. As many of you saw, Owens turned on Kingston and it looks like he is next in line to challenge for the Championship.

Big E is due back in a few weeks and he is promising to stomp the life out of Owens.

Big Wrote:

“KO is the parasite in the system that desperately clings on to its host for life. Once its sucked all of the nutrients it can out of its host, it seeks another. I only take pleasure in knowing the virus has been detected & @TrueKofi & @XavierWoodsPhD will stomp out the organism.”

He added:

“My greatest joy will be returning in time to stomp the life out of the already lifeless roach myself.”

Owens will challenge Kingston for the Championship next month at the Money In The Bank pay-per-view. It looks like WWE pulled the trigger early on Owen’s heel turn because the original plan was for Kingston to defend against but Bryan is currently out of action with an undisclosed injury.

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