Bitcoin Cash Development Fund Receives Massive Support

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Cash Development Fund Receives Massive Support

The Cash community has greatly advanced its efforts to support the sustainability of the cryptocurrency with a fundraiser whose contributions are donated to developers. The campaign has already reached the 95% milestone out of an initial goal of raising 800 BCH for the development fund by Aug. 1, 2019.

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Community Strongly Backs Developers

A number of big donations to the Development Fund have just brought the total community contribution made to the campaign very close to the 800 BCH goal. As of the time of writing, with 44 more days to go, about 760 BCH ($326,800) has already been raised from almost 900 donors, promising that the funding drive will surely be a resounding success by the August 1 Phase One deadline.

Bitcoin Cash Development Fund Receives Massive Support

Bitcoin Cash Development Fund Receives Massive Support

The money collected in this fundraiser is to be donated in full to the development teams of Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin Unlimited, BCHD, and Bcash. It will give them the capital they need to keep working on advancing the technological infrastructure of the cryptocurrency. This is the Bitcoin Cash community’s way of ensuring the future functionality, security, and success of the cryptocurrency as a decentralized project supported by multiple groups.

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Support Economic Prosperity With BCH

The Bitcoin Cash Development Fund was launched on May 30, 2019 by the not-for-profit FVNI Development Society in collaboration with,, Electron Cash, and an additional number of supporters from China. You can take part in the community funding effort by visiting one of these websites:,, and

Bitcoin Cash Development Fund Receives Massive Support

Bitcoin Cash Development Fund Receives Massive Support

The front page of displays a BCH donation address for the General Fund and a corresponding QR code you can scan with your wallet.’s portal lists the main address plus four individual addresses needed to make a donation to a specific development team. On the page you can also donate to any of the teams using the Badger Wallet. If you are a Badger Wallet user simply press the “Donate With Badger” button and it will trigger the Badger app.

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