Correlation Between Being in a Relationship and Weight Gain

 There Is a correlation between being in a relationship and weight gain

Have you put on a few pounds lately? And are you coincidentally in a at the same time? Well let me inform you that this “phenomenon” is no coincidence; yes, you’re chunkier now, but not because of the reasons you might be thinking… The real reason you’ve gained extra weight is that you’re in a … yes, you’ve heard that right, you’re fat because you’re in a . Now one might be confused and lost in wonder about this unfortunate occurrence, weren’t romantic commitments hard enough already and now you have to carry another burden (of your weight of course)?

There’s empirical scientific evidence that buttresses this fattening fact that people in long-term over time inevitably tend to get fat and seriously out of shape (round is a shape too of course). So why do couples become fat, and what are the underlying causes that contribute to this undesirable weight gain? Here are some solid answers.

A study by Central Queensland University in Australia revealed that people who are in a are more likely to gain unwanted weight against those who are single.

The hunt for your mate is over

Those rock-hard abs have turned to flab because you’re not in the competing game anymore; you have successfully landed a partner and there’s no desire or need for you to attract a mate, so everything’s all set. Singletons have sculpted and fit bodies because they need to have the best chances to physically attract a partner. Also, they’re naturally more invested in their health and bodies because they are their own priority and have loads of time for themselves.

Since you’re more interested in spending a huge portion of your time with your SO then you probably don’t have enough time for yourself to hit the gym and get a good work out.

You dine out too much

Dining out is a fun bonding activity, but too rich in the calorie department

Spending quality time with your partner is of utmost pleasure for you and nothing is more enjoyable than a romantic evening out with your SO. Both of you love indulging in gourmet meals, exquisite desserts; you two are frequently trying different restaurants, and discover new places for food.

It’s a fun bonding activity, but it’s just too rich in the calorie department, and it comes at the cost of your health and physical appearance.

You’re two couch potatoes in love

Love is a beautiful emotion and a magical experience, and it anchors you down with your partner, on the couch apparently. Happily married couples have reported that they prefer staying in binging on seasons or watching movies together while chugging down copious amounts of carbs and high-fat foods such as buttery popcorn, sodas, and ice cream etc.

So, it’s no secret that these comfortable lovebirds might find themselves on the heavy scale of the weighing machine.

It’s just a couple’s thing, they spend time in their ‘Love Coven’ just relaxing and laying low while ordering pizza or Chinese; although a fun activity for the couples it takes a toll on their waistlines.

You share an unhealthy lifestyle together

Your spouse bring along themselves healthy or unhealthy lifestyle

In any romantic relationship, you share more than just a love bond with your spouse. You share your eating and self-care habits too. Your spouse along with themselves bring their healthy or unhealthy lifestyle to the table as well, and if you too have terrible dietary habits then chances are that you’ll develop the same unhealthy way of life.

Bad habits are contagious, if your spouse is obese then you’re most likely going to turn obese as well.

So, it’s a wise move to choose a physically fit partner who’ll introduce a wholesome standard of living in your life, it’ll benefit your physiological well-being in the long-run.

Your partner might be deliberately making you fat

Often, you’ll find your wife or girlfriend whipping up your favorite meals because they know nothing makes you happier. However, this gesture of care and nurture may have a hidden subtext that you’ll likely be unaware about.

They’re fattening you up, so you’ll appear less desirable to other potential mates.

Hence eliminating any chance of any other girl stealing you away and ensuring that you two will always stay together. It’s an inconspicuous mechanism that mostly women employ to keep their men at bay.

Rest assured gaining a few pounds is not much of a negative thing, it’s just that we, as a society, are obsessed with superficial beauty standards that quite frankly lie beyond the approach of normal human bodies. Love yourself and your partner regardless of their appearance, the only thing you should be concerned about is your health, there’s no compromise there.

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