Ekojara online raffle draw platform debuts

Hillary Nwaukor

Ekojara game, an online consumer sales promotion platform, owned by Koborise App Technologies Ltd, has been launched.

To play the game, intending player will have to download the application on iTunes iOS store and Android version from Ekojara.com.

Also, the Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB) has approved the operations of Koborise App Technologies Ltd., to commence Ekojara gaming activities.

The Co-Founder/CEO of Ekojara, Hillary Nwaukor, an auctioneer, disclosed that the game is the company’s means to add value to millions of Nigerians.

According to Nwaukor, Ekojara is a unique platform that gives users an opportunity to win big value items and cash with minimum risk of 0.20 per cent of the published value; this is a predetermined amount of money that user pays for each ticket they buy.

“For instance, if we publish a cash game of N10,000, each user that want to bid to win the prize will be required to play with 0.20 per cent of N10,000 which is equal to N20 Naira per chance”, he said.

“After downloading app, the user is required to sign-up, then top-up their wallets with minimum of N500 naira before taking a chance to play the advertised games”, he explained.

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Also, Ekojara Co-Founder, Olayemi Agbe-Davies, further explained the game categories as ranges from Household Electronics, Smartphones, Recharge Cards, Data Plan, Automobiles and Cash.

“You may notice that we have real estate and automobile listed among the categories. Yes, we are a forward thinking organisation and believe that very soon ‘players’ can win houses as rewards likewise automobiles.

“Players enter their dream numbers and submit within the odds of 01-99 into 5 unique boxes provided for a given Dream-bid category. Each submitted set of lucky numbers, generate a unique ticket entry. Numbers played can be generated by the players or by the system depending on the option the player wants.

“When the bid time elapses on a game, a draw will be carried out by the randomiser system and one ticket out of the lots of entry will emerge a winner for the advertised item. The draw system is transparent and void of human manipulation. The system is designed to entrench probity and accountability”, he explained.

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