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Time travel? Dimensional rifts? The Fortnite you know and love is about to be turned upside down….


The teaser screenshots for Season 5 seem to give clues to what’s coming to the game.


Fortnite Season 5 begins Thursday, along with the standard suite of new challenges for the Battle Pass, new character outfits, emotes and dances. Epic has released a slew of teaser images to give us some clues for what’s in store, fueling rampant speculation as to what will actually be changing. After the recent live rocket launch event that spread dimensional rifts across the map, there’s a clear sign big things are coming to the game, but Epic Games has yet to reveal its hand.

Epic announced on the Fortnite Reddit page a couple of weeks ago that the new season will begin July 12 at 1 a.m PST/4 a.m. EST for all platforms (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and iOS), so early risers on the East Coast will get a first look at the big changes.

If the changes that came with Season 4 are any indication, the new challenges and dances are just the beginning of Fortnite’s updates. Previously, a meteorite hit Dusty Depot (and several other locations) while adding new named areas like Lucky Landings and Dusty Divot across the map. So let’s dive into what we’ve seen so far.

Time travel will likely be Season 5’s theme

While we don’t know for sure what is coming in Season 5, some of the events occurring in-game seem a lot to do with time travel. The teaser images that show a Nordic-looking ax that’s at the top of this post and the Kitsune-looking mask below, could mean that the rifts seen all over the Fortnite map are actually portals through space and time.



Is that a Kitsune mask behind the crack in Fortnite’s reality? What does it mean!?!


This theory looks increasingly likely given a reported leak that occurred late Wednesday, after an Xbox One Dashboard ad revealed what look like a trio of new skins, some of which have a historical focus.

 And keen Fortnite fans have been pointing out this possibility through the lead-up to Season 5 on Twitter and YouTube:

And in the strangest turn of events, Fortnite items have been turning up in the real world as part of the Season 5 promotion. Players will recognize these rare Loot Llamas that show up in game, which have now been showing up in different countries across the world:

The there’s the Fortnite burger, which vanished from the game, only to reappear in a California desert.

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In this case, the hype for Season 5 is actually becoming real, but we’re hours away from knowing what all of this weirdness means for the game itself. Historical weapons? Portals that will bring you from one side of the map to the other? The possibilities are endless.

Season 5’s known changes

Assuming there are no major changes to the basic structure of the game, there will be a new Battle Pass, which is always tempting for diehard players. You’ll need to pay roughly $10 to enable a tiered-reward system so you can slowly unlock skins, emotes and other items over time by completing in-game challenges. You could probably also spend money to get most of the same items individually in the store, but the Battle Pass has historically been a much better deal. 

Those skins and emotes will be all new, and there’s no telling what they will be like, but we can’t wait to see what we’ll be playing to unlock over the next couple of months. 

There are also likely to be new limited-time game modes, new guns and other new items that will become available over the course of Season 5. The frequent updates to the game are part of what keeps people coming back, and there’s no reason to believe any of that will change in the new season.

What about the rocket and all the rifts?

Where the real questions remain is how a recent live event will affect the game world. To see the event a couple weeks ago, you had to land on the island at a specific time and head to the rocket silo. 

For those who missed it, when the time came, a rocket blasted off into the sky only to break apart as it got high in the air. A piece broke off and landed elsewhere on the island, but then things got really weird. As a friend and I watched, we saw a laser being fired from the sky down to Tilted Towers, and then we all witnessed the rocket (or another rocket?) go directly for the popular landing spot and disappear into a portal. 

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A few moments went by, then a rocket warped into the world only to fly around and warp back out again, as though it was jumping between dimensions. Finally, a rocket flew straight up into the sky and hit the “ceiling” of the world, producing giant glowing cracks and possibly dimensional rifts.



There’s a giant crack in the sky, but what’s going to happen when Season 5 begins?

Epic Games

It was an amazing sight to behold and there’s been lots of speculation, but nobody (except Epic) truly knows what it all meant. Epic Games released a couple of screenshots to tease what’s next, but they don’t tell you much except that the rifts might deliver things from another time onto the island.

Since the event, the Fortnite world has been changing gradually. The crack in the sky has been getting bigger, and other small rifts have appeared at various locations around the island. In some places, items (from another dimension?) have been warping into existence:

The giant signs at both Lonely Lodge and the motel in the northwest part of the map have been swallowed up by smaller portals in those areas

Does it mean these areas and others around the map are going to change or disappear? Nobody really knows. But that’s what makes logging in on Thursday a requirement for any serious Fortnite fans and probably a reason for those who have left the game to see what it’s all about. 

Either way, we’ll be there along with you as Fortnite evolves in Season 5, so keep checking back for the latest updates to world’s most popular battle royale game.

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