Lol Eve and EvE Echoes are both N+1 games

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Posted: 20 days ago
When EvE O had its first major battle precisely the exact same thing occurred. CCP increased capacity so players attracted even more for EVE Mobile ISK the upcoming fight.Years later players were still whining but bring 10 times longer creating the lag unbearable.Absolutely amazing experience!No it's still confined to 10 in a fleet.

Can not wait for time dilation! Was fortunate to acquire in system before the 1200 cap was struck, however, my fleet and that I pumped instantly upon warping to the station. Interesting experience nonetheless.They really need to fix the filter so only red and neutral ships show.That's why you create your own custom ones.I made them and they show blues on the proper when any friendly position is not selected.Noticed when the lag gets this bad that the UI will basically flood your selection with enemy/friendly boats no matter what you have setup for custom selection.

I guess this settles exactly what I commented before on the cap being over 1k...1200 isn't a huge raise, but glad to see they are working on it. It doesn't do any good if the game becomes a slide show and people constantly disconnect. I was only in a struggle with ~400 and I couldn't target or shoot anything since the game was running so slow...

Hey! It would be been so cool minus the massive lag and game crashing. Made the conflict unplayable. My ship would warp away from the fleet and come back.It was an honour for me to be a part of this.And this is why Time dilation is coming to echoes.What is the Corp title? I would love to join you!Pretty sure this is the Genesis Federation Alliance in grim here.Thats correct, along with other supportive fleets.

Querious Coalition was the head of surgery, gen fed was an ally, it was not their fight however. A discord bot built to help your Eve Echoes community.Invite link that includes some direction permissions to enable additional features to eve echoes isk cheap help with managing your Discord Eve Echoes community.