Gail Kim retracts statement that WWE is racist

Gail Kim

In a case of “let it rain, now clear it out”, Gail Kim retracted her statements about the being racist.

She took to Twitter to clarify that she wasn’t referring to all of , as in every single employee, as racist, only the leadership. She felt it was her duty to clarify and be more specific with her words.

Here’s the thing: if the company a person works for has been racist, and the person chooses to work for them, that person is complicit in it.

While fans love to see and watch a lot of the talent, the talent, in a way, have had a hand in the perpetuation of and stereotypes, as well as being shunted down the card in favor of more “universally attractive” Caucasian, blonde women. Ariane, or Cameron was right when she drew the point that the Bellas would have it easier because they are Caucasian (looking).

It’s usually only after an acrimonious split that the talent chooses to blast WWE or racist colleagues. Gail says she was called a “Gook” during her tenure, but she still stayed and didn’t speak out. Teddy Long has told the story of Ric Flair calling him the “n-word” as well. There had been cracks made about Naomi’s figure during NXT Season 3. Lena Yada was said to be fired because Gail was coming back.

This is the company that gave us Cryme Tyme, who allowed DX to dress in Blackface, let Triple H say some off-the-wall racist and offensive things to Booker T, and then bury him. Kevin Dunn has been said to have issues with Asuka because of her English being weaker, and with Becky Lynch because of her accent. Kristal was said to have quit over , and was then made to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Gail, had it right the first time.

The problem with the statement, is that Kim felt the need to clarify what any person with the power of discernment would have been able to figure out. The head of the company, the McMahons, Vince in particular, is racist, as previous evidence has pointed out. Waffling and trying to soften the blow came too little, too late. What Kim said was her truth, and she should have stuck by it.

The only changes to her statement Kim should have made, was to unmask the accused. WWE has proven themselves, as a whole, which is the sum of their parts, to perpetuate racist, sexist, and homophobic tropes in the past and present. A discussion needs to be had, but it needs to start first with blunt, honest conversation.

So, what say you? Do you agree with Mrs. Irvine? Was she right to clarify? Does this change your feelings on what she said? Comment below!

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