Get A Lifetime Of Microsoft Office Training For Just $29

Chances are most of us have used Microsoft Office at one point in our , but most of us hardly scratch its surface. The truth is that Office offers much more functionality than meets the eye, and mastering it can make you a huge asset in any workspace. This Microsoft Office Mastery Bundle can help you do so for $29.

This bundle contains 7 courses spanning SharePoint, PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, and Excel, some of Office’s most widely used programs. Microsoft Word: Beginner To Intermediate is a good course to start off with if you don’t have much experience in Office programs in general; here, you’ll explore several tools to help you get the most out of Word, such as using macros to automate tasks, or adding tables, graphs, images, and graphics to enhance your Word documents.

3 courses are dedicated to Excel alone because of the wide range of functionality it offers. In Microsoft Excel: Beginner To Intermediate, you’ll be introduced to IF, VLOOKUP, COUNT, SUM, SUMIF, and more formulas, while Advanced Microsoft Excel Course focuses on creating advanced graphs, as well as using macros and VBA. Finally, this bundle includes a PivotTable course, which covers sorting and displaying data with these powerful tools.

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Each of the courses in the Microsoft Office Mastery Lifetime Bundle cost $250, but you can buy all 7 courses here for $29, or over 98% off.


The Microsoft Office Mastery Lifetime Bundle – $29

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