Grand Designs 2018: Kevin in Sheffield on Channel 4 show tonight as twins build homes

Tonight on Grand Designs twin brothers created homes in Sheffield next door to one another for their families.

Nik and Jon Daughtry, 48, bought a plot of land in Sheffield.

They hoped to create their family homes on the plot were a corn mill once stood.

Nik and Jon planned to create two houses on the same plot for them and their families to live in and hoped to build both houses for only £345,000, a tight sum.

However, in the end the two spent £610,000 thanks to problems and delays.

The project began in 2015, when both brothers were married. However, Jon and his wife divorced the follow year.

Regardless, Jon continued the build with Nik and his wife Emma, and their four children.

Jon, a father-of-two, then met his girlfriend Ali, who also had two children, and proposed to her during the build.

They created an extension on the design of Jon’s original house for their new family of six.

Jon’s house was smaller, with a bedroom for him and his wife of a mezzanine level with an extension for his two stepchildren.

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Nik and Emma created a five-bedroom property.

Nik’s house was divided into two buildings, one with the bedroom and one with the living space.

The build took almost three years to build, starting in October 2015 and ending in September 2018.

The brothers admitted such an ambitious project did lead to problems.

Nik said: “Me and Jon did have a bit of a falling out, there was a point where the build wasn’t going to happen.

“We fall out once every 40 years and it just happened to be at the point where we are going to build a house next door to each other.”

Grand Designs Kevin McCloud has warned you should never buy a property for sale in a certain area. 

Speaking to, the Bedfordshire man has issued a stern warning about buying property.

He said: “I would strongly advise against buying on a floodplain unless your house specifically built to mitigate that.”

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