Hotmail email: Is Microsoft killing Hotmail? Will you have to change email address?

Hotmail first rose to prominence as a popular email service in the early 1990s and it is was bought by Microsoft in 1997.

But despite boasting loyal users in the hundreds of millions, Hotmail was replaced by Outlook in 2013.

This move caused some users to worry time is running out for their Hotmail accounts.

But Microsoft has however assured them they have no plans to stop supporting Hotmail.

Can you still create a Hotmail account?

To create a Hotmail or Outlook account you first need to create a Microsoft account.

Start by visiting and create a new account.

You will then be asked to enter personal information to complete this process.

This will include your name, username, date of birth and location.

Next choose to log in via a new email address or your mobile phone number to confirm the new account is yours.

You must create a password “strong” enough to robustly protect your account and personal emails.

This password will have to include both capital and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters, such as +&[email protected]£.

You can always change this password later on.

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Once these steps are complete, you will be required to test your login with your new username and password.

Then once that is done you just add your contacts and start messaging.

The account works across all platforms.

Where is the Hotmail login page?

Whether you have a Hotmail or Outlook account, the login process will be the same.

Go to the website, enter your email address followed by next.

You will then need to type your password, followed by Sign In.

However, some Hotmail users have reported having issues with logging into the Outlook service.

If this happens you could try to sign up for a Microsoft account instead.

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