How to Make a Steller Wedding Proposal

How to Make a Steller Wedding Proposal, better say, true , is the amalgamation of hearts and synthesis of souls which typically results in a life-long journey spent arm-in-arm. It is the only prestigious bond that can make you forget the entire world.

The spirit to live and die for one another is inexplicably beautiful.

Marriage is that perpetual commitment which assures the everlasting journey of a couple hand-in-hand.

The bounties of marriage are infinite. The blessings are uncountable. Everyone would want to tie the knot to make their partner theirs forever.

The day you tell someone, you want them to complete your world, is the most special day of your life. Its significance is beyond expression.

The moment you ask someone to be the of your life, it is a defining moment. It’s top-of-the-world kind of feeling which fills you with utter elation and gratification.

Should that day be as good as normal days? Shouldn’t it be an extraordinary 24 hours you would want to remember for the rest of your life?

Memories are precious and a little hard work is taken to recollect them.

A few generous tips to turn your marriage proposal into a souvenir:

1. Choose the ambience with great vigilanceChoose the ambience with great vigilance

The place you choose for the special occasion should be close to your hearts.

For instance, a restaurant where you had your first date, or a sunset evening near the beach which has an eternal atmosphere, or the place where you first saw each other. Make a point to hire a place with love-in-the-air sort of ambience.

Every second and nanosecond should remind you of togetherness and profoundness. Your heart should be lightened with deep affection and vehemence for each other.

2. Make it super-personal and void of public

No doubt, both of you enjoy hours-long conversation with each other. Even looking into each other’s eyes stop the world around you.

Holding hands while walking a long distance would be your highly-prefered dating idea. The adulation you two have towards each other is comparable to none. 

No third party is obliged to spoil your memorable time. You should be devoting this time to each other only, without having you disturbed by cheerers and admirers.

Make sure there’s no crowds and traffic horns etc around you killing the auspiciousness of this event.

3. Prepare a speech well before the special momentPrepare a speech well before the special moment

Whatever you are going to say will be remembered forever by both of you — paying attention to every tiny detail is worth it.

You must be nervous regarding what should be said and what shouldn’t be said.

No offense, the indecisiveness is reasonable to every extent.

The best way to cope with such an uncertainty is to prepare a speech well above par.

You must have felt a million emotions ever since you met your partner. You must have received tens of millions of impulses after falling head over heels for your someone.

Fair enough, if you write it down on a paper after contemplating on all your feelings altogether.

4. Gift a momentous ring to mark the special occasionGift a momentous ring to mark the special occasion

The finishing touch should be given by a winsome ring. This is generally considered to be the most important and crucial part of the whole thing.

A gorgeous ring could be the gesture of momentousness and fondness that will give a consummate touch to this episode of love.

Women love diamonds and diamonds eulogize the beauty of a woman.

A diamond ring could be the warmest gesture you could extend towards your girl.

5. A passionate smooch and wine are the mustA passionate smooch and wine are the must

No wine means no celebration; as simple as that.

After the ‘yes moment’ comes a passionate kiss that’d prolong for 30 secs at least, afterwards, you can enjoy a glass of wine while continuing a slow and romantic conversation.

Although, when two soulmates are together under the sun with love heavy in the air, nothing else is needed to keep the ardour alive.

Wine is just a token of celebration.

The basic agenda should be to stay together and stay happy and have one another’s back, always. The topmost prerogative of two people ready for the big day should be to support each other through thick and thin.

The actual happiness is in wanting to grow old together.

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