How to Make My Relationship Better

  • How to Make My Relationship Better and More Exciting

    How to Make My Relationship Better and More Exciting

    When it comes to relationships, there’s always room to build more. No matter how good your current is, always keep in mind that things can become even better than they are. We all know it’s not hard to find suggestions for improving oneself.

    We can adjust our attitude, lose some weight, cut out on vices – and there’s a myriad of books and articles regarding self-help – but what about advice about the that we have with our spouses?

    Let’s explore some of these bits of advice here in the following article and learn to make the relationship better that we have with our partners.

    The way in which you perceive the relationship with your partner is ultimately the way you live it. The sum of the experiences you shared together in the relationship gives it form, and you and only you can determine the worth of your perceptions and thoughts which regard the world around you. 

    1. Talk more

    Communication plays an essential role in any human affair. When we are in a relationship, our words are imbued even more with feelings and sensitivity.

    Some people are afraid to exteriorize these feelings with their partners and instead let them build up within them, only causing frustration and anxiety in the end.

    How else can we let our partners know how we feel inside without talking to them? By maintaining a constant honest verbal connection with our spouses, we automatically make our relationship better with them unconsciously. 

    2. Trust and listen

    It’s always wonderful to know that you can confine in the person sitting at your side. Let that person know this, try to spread all the cheer and delight in the room when you’re with them. Trust and listen to them.

    We all want someone that can hear us out, and we’re not a bit different in this aspect than our spouses.

    If you listen to the person you are in a relationship with, you will automatically send out the message to them that you are genuinely interested in them and that you care about them. Never forget that if you want to be a good talker, you have to be a good listener first, as Dale Carnegie beautifully put it. Ask your partner about how their day was, ask about usual trivial stuff and let them know that you care to make your relationship better. 

    3. Always see the other’s side

    Always see the other’s side

    You have to be willing to see their side. Don’t say no to new experiences that your partner might suggest. Happy relationships are always marked by a good understanding of one another. Try to imagine relationships as a treaty between states. For each one of states to prosper, policies must be understood by each state.

    Relationships are made to be supportive, and to help the partners in it find a supportive pillar in each other when obstacles in life or other tensions appear. 

    4. Be more intimate

    What better way to show your affection to your partner than in bed? Intimacy is a proven to make a relationship better. Our bodies release hormones that directly affect how we feel for a person and strengthen the bond that we have with them.

    Initiating more intimacy in bed also shows your partners that you want them and that they are loved.

    Happy relationships are known to have between partners a very good level of intimate knowledge of one another, that makes their relationship better than the unhappy ones. 

    5. Go out more often

    When was the last time you had dinner downtown at a nice place? Or go to the movies? Or just go out for a stroll in the park? Initiate a night out.

    If you’re in a long-lasting relationship and you’ve “seemingly” forgotten about the outside world, try to hijack your partner’s comfort zone one evening and take them out on a date in town, just like you used to when you first hooked up. Doing things out of the ordinary incites romance and if you keep doing it, it will make your relationship better.

    Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you forget how to have fun. After all, you’re best friends, and speaking of best friends… 

    6. You are best friends

    Never forget this. When you’re in a relationship with someone you always have to remember that above all the two of you are best friends, and that’s the most successful relationship ever. And best friends have fun, care for and understand each other. Being best friends makes your relationship better and more enjoyable.

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