Just Married? Pick the Right Mattress for Your Mate

  • Getting ready for marriage

    Getting ready for marriage

    When you’re getting married or if you’re just married, a shift in thinking and actions are required.

    If you want to keep the union happy and harmonious, it’s time for both of you to start choosing personal items for joint use that works for each. A mattress isn’t something that immediately comes to mind for most couples, but it’s an important consideration.

    A good night’s sleep will have an influence on a great many things in your newly married life.

    1. Your mattress affects the quality of your sleep

    Choosing the right mattress can be a challenge when there are two people to consider. Your sleeping needs may be different. Some people require a firmer mattress while others sleep better on one that is softer.

    If you’re really fortunate, you’ll both do well with the same type of mattress.

    The best way to find out is to have the conversation. Discuss what works the best for each of you and go from there. It’s an ideal situation when you can go together to make your mattress choice. This way nobody gets left out of the decision.

    Sleeping on a mattress that is uncomfortable can mean tossing and turning throughout the night trying in vain to find a comfortable position.

    The end result is starting out your day feeling tired, irritable and you’ll probably have a few aches and pains.

    2. Quality of sleep affects the quality of your

    We all need good quality sleep to feel decent the next morning.

    A mattress that is comfortable and supportive will help you in achieving this. It’s easier to enjoy the company of your partner if you feel good physically and if your head is clear. When you’re miserable and tired after a lousy and restless night, it’s much easier to get irritated or to feel resentful when an inevitable small bump in the road occurs in your marriage.

    You need good sleep to be at your mental and physical best.

    This is how your mattress can help to color your outlook on the world around you. It might sound silly, but it happens to be true.

    3. A great bed can mean great sex

    Although you may smile at this and shake your head, a bed that gives you a great night’s sleep means your energy and stamina levels are going to be higher. Intimate moments or hours are a lot more intense when you’re both fully rested and have a lot of spunk. A crick in the back or pain in the neck can sabotage your sex life.

    When you look at it from this point of view, it makes sense to go out and find the best possible mattress for both of you. Granted, you may not be doing a lot of sleeping at first, but you’ll soon learn the value of comfort for the nights that you take off from other activities.

    You can find more great information on this topic at Get Best Mattress.

    Tips for finding the best mattress

    1. Physique

    The first consideration is your physique.

    People who are tall need a larger sized mattress for comfort. A queen or king may be the best choice. You’ll both need room to get comfortable and change positions without rolling the other off of the side.

    Slender people who are not heavy for their height usually require a softer firmness than heavier people who may need firmer support. If one is heavy and one is light, consider an adjustable mattress that lets you both choose your own level of firmness.

    2. Choose for sleeping style

    Some people like to sleep on their side, others prefer the stomach or back.

    Buy a mattress that is large enough for both of you to change your positions. Some sleepers are sprawlers and take up a good share of the bed. This calls for a queen size at a minimum and probably a king.

    Another thing to consider is how the mattress will contour to the shape of your body in different positions.

    There are some great options out there for memory foam in varying levels of firmness to give your body the support it needs regardless of your favorite sleeping position.

    3. Ask questions and do your research

    Buying a new mattress is an investment, but it’s one that should last for 10 to 15 years. That’s longer than some marriages, but in your case, you want it to be the first of many mattress purchases as a couple. You can easily go online together and learn about how the different mattress types can benefit two individual sleepers with one innovative product.

    Consider any allergies either of you may have when making your selection.

    4. Speak with a reputable salesperson about your mattress options

    Take a look at the various types that are available and be prepared to ask about the materials, the quality, the warranty, how the materials conform to your body, ratings, and reviews and how the mattress is constructed.

    Always take advice from reputable salespersons.

    Choose your mattress wisely for a happy marriage

    Choose your mattress wisely
    Choosing the ideal mattress for your mate as well as for yourself will help to get your marriage off to the best possible start. While it’s only one factor in having a happy marriage, it’s definitely an influence on your mood and the quality of your sex life.

    Choose your mattress wisely because it’s not as small of a matter as some may think!

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