Kevin Nash gives his thoughts on WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia

Kevin Nash took to Twitter to give his thought on the situation in Saudi Arabia as it relates to WWE Crown Jewel:

“9-11 was conducted by 15 of the 19 attackers who were Saudi’s, our response was to attack Afghanistan and Iraq. Now a hit squad is responsible for the death of a Saudi Journalist. Should we hit Yemen and Iran. We’ll never know the truth. Let’s push Saudi Arabia to progress.”

In a separate tweet, Nash said WWE should honor the contract with the Saudi’s because they are entertainment and this is not a UN summit.

Nash followed up with these tweets:

Nash, JBL and Randy Orton are on the same page about what WWE should do with this show but there are many Superstars who would rather not go to Saudi Arabia.

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At this point, it still looks like WWE is moving forward with this show.

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