Least reliable used cars on sale in the UK in 2018 – Does your car make the list?

One of the most important factors of buying a used car is how reliable it is likely to be.

Naturally, they are going to be slightly less reliable than a brand new car that’s just rolled off the factory floor, but motorists should still expect these cars to be dependable.

Certain cars are more reliable than others with some brands being synonymous with dependability, in particular, Japanese carmakers. 

A new reliability survey of 80,000 drivers covers 75 different makes and models was undertaken by Auto Express in its new reliability survey which hs outlined which cars are the most and least reliable. 

Drivers were asked to rate the reliability of their car based on the breakdowns they had experienced with it over the course of ownership.

Some of the cars rated in the test were vehicles that were owned over a period of several years.

Coming out on top was the Lexus IS with an enviable score of 98 per cent reliability in the study.

Two more cars made by Lexus also featured in the top 10 with the CT and RX Mk3 coming in second and seventh with scores of 95.88 per cent and 93.57 per cent respectively.

Lexus’ parent company Toyota also featured heavily in the top ten with three more cars placing in the list. These were the RAV4 Mk4, Auris from 2012 onwards and the Prius Mk3 (2009-2017).

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Japanese carmakers dominated the top 10 with Honda landing tenth place with the CR-V Mk4 (2012-1016) accruing a reliability score of 92.72 per cent.

The magazine’s report revealed: “Everybody knows a horror story of a dodgy second-hand car – the threat of unreliability and breakdowns is often a reason that people steer clear of the used car market in the first place.

“That’s why, for those braving the classifieds and forecourts, reliability is the most important factor to take into account when thinking about a used car purchase.

“Despite being a used car, the model you buy will be new to you and the last thing you want is something that’s going to leave you stranded on the side of the road.

You obviously don’t want a car that’s going to leave you with massive repair bills either.”

Top 10 most reliable used cars – with year of manufacture, price, and percentage:

1. Lexus IS Mk3 (2013 models onwards, from £9,500)  – 98.04 per cent
2. Lexus CT (2011 onwards, from £6,000) –  95.88 per cent
3. Toyota RAV4 Mk4 (2012 onwards, from £8,900) – 95.48 per cent
4. Toyota Auris (2012 onwards, from £5,500) – 94.63 per cent
5. Volvo V40 (2012 onwards, from £5,000) – 93.65 per cent
6. Mercedes E-Class Mk4 (2009 to 2016, from £4,300) – 93.65 per cent
7. Lexus RX Mk3 (2009-2015, from £10,000) – 93.57 per cent
8. Toyota Prius Mk3 (2009-2017, from £5,500) – 93.17 per cent
9. Skoda Yeti (2009-1017, from £3,750) – 92.86 per cent
10. Honda CR-V Mk4 (2012-1016, from £7,900) – 92.72 per cent

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The magazine also looked at which cars out of the 75 tested were least reliable.

Topping the list was the Audi A4 Mk4 with an 81.87 per cent reliability score followed by the Vauxhall Zafira Mk2 scoring 82.24 per cent and Peugeot 207 Mk1 with an 82.82 per cent score.

The 10 least reliable cars from the 75 tested:

1. Audi A4 Mk4 – 81.87 per cent
2. Vauxhall Zafira Mk2 –  82.24 per cent
3. Peugeot 207 Mk1 – 82.82 per cent
4. Nissan Qashqai Mk2  – 82.95 per cent
5. Volkswagen Polo Mk5  – 83.38 per cent 
6. Vauxhall Corsa Mk3 –  84.18 per cent
7. Citroen C4 Mk2  – 84.33 per cent
8. Vauxhall Insignia Mk1 –  84.38 per cent
9. Audi A3 Mk2 – 84.77 per cent
10. Nissan Qashqai Mk1 – 84.80 per cent

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