Love Without Saying It: How to Find Time for Children

Love without saying it how to find time for children

Truth be said-life is a hustle, you are either busy with work or doing some life responsibilities, days are moving faster than you can imagine. This keeps you from spending time with your children. Can it lead to developmental delays in your little children? Maybe or maybe not but it can affect your children’s behaviors.

Finding time for your children is important and it keeps them happy. Note that it must not be long, but it should be quality time. You must find ways to slip in some time to be with your children so that they can feel the love and care you have for them.

If you are wondering how you can find time for children, then you’ve come to the right page. We will show you how. Just continue reading.

1. Have one-on-one time with your children

Spend time with your child on a one-on-one basis

Spending time with your child on a one-on-one basis is good, especially if you are doing something that you and the children love.

You may decide to take your child to a movie theatre or decide to go for a walk while the other older child is with Mom.

You may decide to do this regularly depending on your schedule, but twice or thrice a month is just fine.

For single parents, you may decide to set each weekend to spend with one or two children depending on the number you have then the other weekend you spend time together as a family.

2. Slip in a break time in your schedule

Life is busy and everyone is busy with work or life responsibilities. But you need to slip some time to spend with your children even if it means staying together for 15 minutes or half an hour before you can proceed with your daily duties. Make it a habit that everyone knows when it is break time so that you and your children can be aware.

Spending only 15 minutes a day doing something constructive is worth than spending the whole day doing nothing.

Sometimes you might not have even a few minutes to spend time together with your children. You have another option: Wake up early in the morning and have fun with your children before you go to work.

Don’t take the time you spend with your children for granted. To your children, it is their good time to learn and be heard. It is also a good way to bond with your children.

3. Don’t overwork yourself during daytime

You reach home when you are tired as a result of struggling to meet deadlines for your daily job.

Try as much as possible not to overwork yourself with more tasks.

It will deprive you of the time to do things; you want to make use of any moment that comes your way but that can consume your time that you are supposed to spend with your children.

Also, while there are after-school classes such as singing and swimming, try as much as possible not to register your child in every class.

4. Stay away from your gadgets

Keep yourself undisturbed once you reach your home

That mobile phone, TV or video game of yours can eat up the time you are to spend with your children. It is true, watching your favorite TV program or playing video games together with your child is also a way to bond, it is good to keep them aside on particular weekends.

Keep yourself undisturbed once you reach your home by putting your mobile phone on silent so that you can enjoy a good time with your family.

If you have pending work, you can get it done in the morning, but have time to do some activities with your children whether it’s playing board games or eating at the table together.

5. Work out together

Yes; your children won’t find it helpful to them when it comes to exercise but this is the best time to spend together.

Daily exercise keeps you fit both health-wise and physically but doing it together with your children is a form of bonding.

6. Play their games

Think about an activity that they like and enjoy doing it

It is true, it looks childish to play children games, but when you do it with them, they like it and will enjoy that time together.

When you find them playing their games, have some time to watch what they are doing.

You can even ask them if you can join them, ask them questions about the game they are playing and also try to show them a game you know they don’t know.

There are many things you can do with your children. Think about an activity that they like and enjoy doing and do that together. After you’ve come from playing their games, tell them how you enjoyed playing together and tell them you will want to do that every time you are free.

Susan Saurel is a passionate writer from Texas. She is in love with traveling. Teacher of higher category, a writer for cheap essay writing service EssayWritingLand, PM in an IT company in the past, lovely mom. She wants to share her experience and knowledge with readers and she has something to say, for sure.

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