MAPPED: Best and worst postcodes – where can you achieve 100 per cent of asking price?

Property for sale in parts of Manchester, East Ridings of Yorkshire and North-East Derbyshire on average achieve 100 per cent of the initial asking price.

Property in Salford, Driffield and Dronfield are achieving 100 per cent of their asking prices, according to recent data.

The analysis, from Zoopla, found homes in these towns have sold closest to their initial asking price in the last 12 months.

In the rest of England and Wales the average is 96.3 per cent of the asking price.

This is an average of £8,000 less.

So where else in the UK can you achieve a large portion of your initial asking price?

Zoopla found the city of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, came in next.

Homes in the city achieved 99.6 per cent of the price they were first listed for. This translates into £500 average discount, currently priced at £160,000.

In London the average home achieved 94.6 per cent of asking price with the London borough of Waltham performing the best – homes there sold on average at 97.92 per cent of the initial asking price.

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Meanwhile homes in Camden performed the worst.

Here homes achieved on average 91 per cent of the listing price and with the average property value there being £835,000, this nine per cent discount translates into £75,000.

Laura Howard, spokesperson for Zoopla, comments: “Average homes sold for more than 96 per cent of their initial listing price on Zoopla in the last 12 months, our research has shown.

“In fact, in three towns – Driffield, Dronfield and Salford – there was no difference at all between initial listing prices and selling prices. And even the worst areas for ‘under-achieving’ on listing price – Mountain Ash in Wales – only revealed a relatively small price disparity of 8.5 per cent.

“This close relationship between initial listing and final sale prices, points to a healthy and robust property market in which estate agents and sellers alike are well-versed in and realistic about property values.

“Crucially, it’s this which helps to keep the wheels of the housing market well oiled and turning, independently, and in spite of, the wider more uncertain political factors currently at play.”

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In recent property news shocking research has revealed the commuter town near London where you’ll pay £21,648 a year to live. 

So where is the most expensive commuter town to rent?

Oxford to London, with an annual travelcard costing £5,256 and the annual rent currently £1,366, totaling £21,648.

This is despite the fact rent in Oxford has dropped by £432 over the last year, with train tickets up £159 over the same period.

Commuting towns heading into London account for the top five most expensive with Guildford (£20,768), Brighton (£20,468), Cambridge (£19,808) and Woking (£18,816) all home to extensive rental and commuting costs.

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