Martin Lewis: Little know British Gas tariff but you have to act NOW – save £300 a YEAR

Martin Lewis appeared on ITV’s This Morning today to reveal a little known British Gas tariff that Britons should switch to now.

He told viewers how the UK firm has cut its prices in his weekly deals.

He also revealed how you can get 5p off a litre of fuel at Morrisons.

So, where can you find this little known deal on your energy?

Cheap British Gas tariff NOW

It was already cheapest of the Big 6 firms and this week British Gas has cut the price further, so it’s typically £300 a year cheaper than its standard price, while many also get one-year’s basic boiler insurance.

So if you’re loyal to British Gas and want to stick with it it’s a no-brainer.

But you can’t call and ask for it, it’s only via comparison sites.

5p a litre off fuel at Morrisons

Till this Sunday (7 April) spend £40 or more in store at Morrisons and you’ll get a voucher for 5p/litre off petrol or diesel to use at its own forecourts – great if you were planning on spending £40 or more there anyway (if you’re spending £80 or more, split your shopping into two, to get two vouchers).

Though remember Morrisons may not be your cheapest local forecourt so check first.

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Your voucher will be valid until Wednesday 17 April, and one voucher can be used on one purchase of fuel only (up to a maximum of 100 litres) for one vehicle.

Martin also repeated yesterday’s advice about getting the Nationwide’s regular saver which will help you earn 5 per cent.

Martin said: “If you currently have a Nationwide current account you have until 11.59pm tonight (Friday) to open its regular savings account which pays a top 5 per cent AER rate, when you deposit up to £250/month.

“After then it’s pulling the account for new sign-ups, but if you already have the account – or those who open one before the deadline – you can continue to save into it until the maturity date, which will be 12 months from opening.

“So if you want it, go quick. Other bank accounts have 5 per cent regular savers too, including HSBC, First Direct and M&S Bank, so if you bank with one of those check it out.

“For the latest on the Nationwide’s regular saver deal have a look here, or for more ways to earn 5 per cent on your savings visit MSE’s regular savings accounts guide.”

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How can you get a free £2,000 per child? Martin Lewis’s childcare advice reveals all.

Martin concluded: “Tax-Free Childcare was designed to replace the old Childcare Vouchers scheme that closed to new sign-ups last October (some are campaigning to bring it back), though if you were already getting them, you can keep them going.

“And they may be worth keeping, especially for couples where only one parent works, as then you can’t get Tax-Free Childcare but can get vouchers.

“Even if you’re eligible for both, for those with lower childcare costs and fewer kids, vouchers can be better. Parents with more children and higher childcare costs, are better off with tax-free childcare as there’s far more free cash available.

“However, it’s worth noting, while you can use Childcare Vouchers if you get universal credit for childcare, you can end up getting less through universal credit, so it’s likely not worth it.”

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