Michelle McCool wants equal pay for women main eventing Mania

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Former WWE Divas Champion Michelle McCool recently spoke with TMZ Sports. She spoke on topics that included fighting for match time during her tenure and current equal pay. Both topics were brought up as a result of the women main eventing WrestleMania in just one week.

On her retirement match with Layla, she said,“Gosh, you know it was so cool because when I was wrestling, we literally fought tooth and nail to get… I remember my retirement match, Layla and I truly fought for weeks begging for ten minutes and that was with our entrances so maybe like a six or eight-minute match.”

She continues to add that there are “not enough words” to describe where the women are today. She attributes a lot of the success of women’s wrestling in to the “super fans.”

Regardless of the gender in the main event, McCool thinks the pay should be equal.

“A main event is a main event whether it’s the guys, the girls, or both of them in some mixed capacity, but I hope they do and I think they should.”

In order to see the full interview from TMZ Sports, you can click here. Transcripts were used from the report given by Fightful.

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What are your thoughts on the topics that discussed? Let us know what you think in the comments and stay with Diva Dirt for all upcoming for WrestleMania.

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