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Must-have handbags for every woman

By Linda Orajekwe

As we grow older as women, we realize that our favourite handbags can’t be that “one bag fits all” again. We realize that our bags, just like our clothes have to be fitting for every occasion.

While few realize this earlier, a lot of women come to terms with this reality later in life. Sometimes you become aware and accepting just on your own, other times, it can be embarrassing when you find yourself hugging your big empty bag at a dinner party and earn yourself more than your fair share of stares.

To reduce your stress of searching for a suitable bag, we have listed the kinds of bags you should own that’ll work for different occasions. Lucky for you, some are as multipurpose as your favourite bag but this time, you have to rock it differently.

1. Bowling bag

Originally used to carry bowling balls in the ’90s but trust fashion to make everything work for it. If you’re a lover of structured bags, this bag would be just perfect for you as it is built to carry a reasonable amount of load. A perfect place to wear it is your office and if you’re lucky, you can buy one with a longer and shorter handle for multiple styling and comfort.

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2. Tote bag

If you’re thinking of going to brunch with your girls, a Tote bag would be your perfect companion as it is stylish and comes in different sizes and patterns.

3. Shopping bag

As women, most weekends are shopping days and we understand not every woman likes carrying paper bag. A perfect alternative to make you look stylish even with the hassle that comes with shopping is a colorful shopping bag. It’s big enough to accommodate the load you’ll leave the market with. This bag is also a multipurpose bag that can fit just perfectly for a time out at the beach.

4. Clutch Bag

For the night out in the club, the perfect bag to rock is your clutch. It is small enough to stick by you while you rock the dance floor. This bag is also highly functional for occasions like birthdays, gala and weddings.

5. Sling bag

Heading for a date night? Then a sling bag to throw over your shoulder is a perfect fit. The sling is long enough to stay comfortable even when placed across your shoulder.

6. Minaudiere bag

This small box bag is a statement piece and over time, its design has evolved to more chic designs that’ll make you the center of attention. This bag is perfect for cocktails as it helps secure all you need, phones, credit cards, lipstick, and keys. While it is sometimes mistaken for the classic clutch, a Minaudiere is a smaller structured box while a clutch is more like an envelope.

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