My parents’ marriage puts me off committing to my boyfriend

Dear Bunmi,

I’ve been with my boyfriend for four years and he recently asked me to marry him. I asked for some time to think because, while I love him, I’m not sure I could  stand the stress of a wedding. My parents are divorced and haven’t spoken in years.

The last time they met, there was a huge fight and the police were called.

My boyfriend says we should opt for a quiet wedding but that’s not my style. I

want a big white wedding with all my family and friends in attendance. Do I agree to a wedding and hope family issues don’t spoil my day, or tell my partner to just let us

live together?



Dear Joanne,

Organising a big wedding will be stressful regardless of your family situation.

Get married, but heed your partner’s advice and keep it simple and small. Your parents are grown-up and are entitled to the way they behave. This has nothing to do with you as you have your own life to live.

So don’t tie yourself up into knots over just one day. You and your partner have  the rest of your lives to make your relationship a fulfilled one.

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