New Horizons, Skriware sensitise on new teaching technology

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In a bid to assist school owners to align their curriculum to international standard and latest technologies and help school children to develop creative skills, the Nigerian branch of an International computer organisation, Computer Learning Centre, in collaboration with International, a firm into robotics, drones, and has sensitised school owners on the need to adopt the the new technology in education and blend it into their curriculum to train their students.
According to the team leader, , Mateusz Rybinski, said, “ technological uniqueness is in terms of its well-researched and hands-on practical blend of its Integrated education, robotics, drones and 3D printing technology education to advance easy and early technology adoption by children at early years.

Adding that global research has affirmed jobs in the STEM field and integrated technology are the fastest growing careers, and are projected to grow another 17 per cent in the next decade.’’
He therefore boasted that the integrated technology package as having the capacity to serve as a simpler Introduction to Programming skills while still having fun, exposes students to the creative process, offers meaningful teamwork and collaboration, increases critical thinking, providing all students with hands-on learning experiences, and very importantly too, it encourages girls to explore STEM fields given its practical and simplified form of impacting the technology skills thereby solving the problem associated with girls and women’s underrepresentation in the fields of STEAM
Also speaking the managing director and chief executive officer, Computer Learning Centre, Tim Akano said, today the purpose of education has changed.

The mean reason why parent send children to school today is to develop creativity and acquire skills which will help them to meet global standards.
He said that the reason why parents sent their children to school is to seek for knowledge but today knowledge is free, knowledge is available everywhere.
“Education in the days is all about seeking for knowledge, getting informed to secure a good job as well as becoming nationally relevant and to retire on pension.

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But with the new technology in education today, children can be creative, acquire skills, social intelligence as well as to become employer of labour and to become globally relevant.

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