Goodbye, Coinbase. Hello APPC: An alternative method to purchase cryptocurrency directly from the Android "Aptoide" app store. 200 million Android users will be holding cryptocurrency by the end of this year.

I recently stumbled upon the "APPC", or "AppCoins" token on Binance while browsing new coin listings.

Like any half-decent cryptocurrency enthusiast, I was intrigued. "Aha! A new coin!"

I took a deep breath and prepared to take a deep dive into the bowels of the internet to figure out what APPC is all about. And by deep dive I mean I googled "AppCoins" and went to their website.

"Oh, they're trying to make a new app store. Good luck competing with Google Play and the iOS App Store!"

Given Google and Apple's combined gigantic market share of the space, I was inclined to move on to the next lucky contestant on the Wheel O' Coins. But on a whim I kept scrolling.

I thought "Wait, what? 200 million users? Over 4 billion downloads? What am I missing here?"

Apparently AppCoins isn't a token from a new startup - it's the token from Aptoide, the #1 ranked alternative to the Google Play store.

From the developer's side, the token is used as an incentive for users to download their apps. The end user is rewarded with tokens based on a unique system that determines if the user is actually trying out the app. The tokens are also used for in-app purchases. They can also be sent to and from one another.

But enough about the token value proposition. You can research it in depth yourself and buy some on Binance if you're so inclined. Whether or not you buy the coin for speculation purposes is not the purpose of this post.

So...what does this have to do with Coinbase?

Well, let's first take a quick look at the AppCoins roadmap:

  • Q1 - Open Source Implementation: Release of the first beta version of Aptoide with AppCoins support
  • Q2 - Pre Load Tier 1 OEMs: Rollout of AppCoins on Aptoide App Store, as well as on other app stores that joined
  • Q3 - App Store Foundation: Production roll-out to all Aptoide clients (and other participant app stores)

By the end of this year over 200 million Aptoide users will have the ability to purchase, earn, and use AppCoins from right within the app.

To give some perspective, Coinbase has 13.3 million users as of October 26, 2017 according to an article from CNBC.

Aptoide has over 15 times the number of active users compared to Coinbase.

OK, you have my attention. Starting to sound like a shill post though. Get to the beef.

Buying cryptocurrency through Coinbase is expensive. Users are nickle-and-dimed at every opportunity:

  • Deposit fees: 4% base
  • Transaction fees: from $0.99 to $2.99. It's a $2.99 + 1.49% variable fee for purchases over $200.

Let's say you're not interested in buying Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Litecoin.

Instead you want to convert your hard-earned $2,000 US dollars into something else like Ripple. Here's how it plays out:

Your initial deposit: $2,000
Deposit fee: $80
Now you have $1,920 in your Coinbase USD wallet

You decide to purchase ETH with the intention of transferring it to an exchange that sells Ripple:

ETH buy order: $1,920
Transaction fee: $2.99 + $28.60 (1.49% of $1,920) = $31.59

Total purchase fees from deposit to ETH acquisition: $111.59

Come on. Everyone knows that Coinbase is expensive. That's why I deposit my fiat into GDAX to buy crypto. The fees are significantly lower. Quit wasting my time.

Well, that's partially true. Anyone worth their weight in SHA256 hashes knows that GDAX is dramatically cheaper than Coinbase for depositing and purchasing BTC, BCH, LTC, and ETH.

The part that isn't true is that everyone knows that GDAX is cheaper. A more accurate statement is "every cryptocurrency enthusiast/trader knows that GDAX is cheaper". Coinbase does not advertise that GDAX has cheaper fees. There is no GDAX app for a reason - it would heavily cut into Coinbase's bottom line.

Your average crypto newbie buys their first coins through Coinbase because, let's face it, they have an app. Buying crypto on an app is something that your average person can comprehend. Apps are easy to use, trustworthy, and nearly everyone can do it regardless of their age and technical skill level.

Right, apps are easy to use. What a novel thought. You should tour the world giving Ted Talks about how easy apps are to use. Now could you PLEASE get to the point.

OK! I apologize for droning on. I'll cut right to the chase:

Instead of jumping through all the aforementioned hoops with Coinbase, you buy AppCoins from the Aptoide app store and send them directly to your favorite exchange. Then trade the AppCoins for the cryptocurrency of your choice. In theory it should be a faster and more cost-effective way to purchase cryptocurrency.

Hmmmm. OK, I'm starting to understand where you're going with this. But I'm still going to use GDAX. I'd rather buy ETH from GDAX.

Hey, to each their own. I'd rather buy coins in 30 seconds with a couple of taps on my phone and send them right to Binance.

Oh come on. Now you're just shilling. Your whole rant was just a ploy to shill this coin. I'm going to another thread.

Honestly, no. I didn't write this to shill. I guess I'm just tired of Coinbase. And I bet there are others that are less than pleased with their business model and customer service. Remember when they didn't distribute all that Bitcoin Cash?

Ugh, yes. Don't remind me about that.

Sorry! Didn't mean to upset you. I know its a sore subject.

If you read this far then congratulations, you have more patience than your average cryptocurrency trader. May your candles always be green.

Some interesting facts:

  • The number of Bitcoin users is forecasted to reach 200 million by 2024.
  • There are approximately 15 million bitcoin wallets as of September 2017.
  • As I mentioned before, AppCoins will be rolled out as a completed project to 200M users by the end of 2018 whether you want to believe it or not (barring a total catastrophe, of course). Aptoide store users may not even know that they're using a cryptocurrency.
  • AppCoins may be the first real "mainstream" cryptocurrency (by definition of the high number of users with little to no technical knowledge or grasp of blockchain).
  • There will be 200 million users' app transactions on the blockchain. This is a huge step in the right direction for blockchain and cryptocurrency regardless of which coin you support. Rising tides raise all ships.

Needless to say, I think that Aptoide and AppCoins is a project to be excited about regardless of whether you're a cryptocurrency trader or completely uninvolved with the cryptocurrency space. Cryptocurrency is going mainstream this year!

To avoid confusion since Coinmarketcap has APPC listed incorrectly, here is the current accurate financial information. People are going to ask anyway so I would rather supply the correct information:

Circulating supply= 98M APPC
Total supply= 246M APPC
Coin Price = $2.53 ICO Price = $0.10
Market Cap (CS x P) = $247,940,000
Days on Exchange (Binance) = 7

Thank you for reading!

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