Is It Right To Quit A Job You Dont Love?

Got this job week ago.. but every day of working there seems to come with this feeling of emptiness in me..
And at a point I was considering the unthinkable...
You may not understand I'm coming from a family where entrepreneurship is the way of life .. and everyone is really doing great .. so this has always unconsciously made my mind to be carved with the mindset of "I can't just work for anybody"
But here is the problem .. I barely started this a week ago and this is my first Job .. though my skill is something I can sell any where . Was about closing yesterday when I got a text from a long term client to do some Jobs for him ..which ordinarily my work wouldn't have permitted..

I already decided to quit and go on with my former independent way of making money and trust me I really was doing good though the money wasn't consistent..

I already told my family.. and I'm really happy I took the step personally...

Matured nairalanders I will love to know if anyone had once been in my shoe.. and have I done it right?