"My Own Sister Falsely Accused My Business Partner & Me Of Fraud And Threat"

My name is katchy Esiaka. I'm a sand supplier based in lekki Lagos. On the 8th of August 2017, I was awarded a contract to supply trips of sand to Crovation ltd Following the contract I co-opted my friend and bussiness partner Miss oluchi okereke of prechiam engineering Nig.ltd. and together we were issued an LPO covering 130 trips of sand to be supplied at Crovation's designated site. The LPO was issued in the name of prechiam engineering ltd.

While executing the contract I and my partner exhausted our resources and I informed my immediate senior sister Mrs Emmadoye doris Esiaka of the contract and the financial challenges I encountered in the execution of the contract. I requested My sister to provide funds that will enable me complete the outstanding trips of sand and partake in the profits that would be realized in the transaction.

I informed my sister that the sum of #1600..000(one million six hundred thousand Naira) would be need to deliver outstanding fifty trips of sand..I also Inform her that the profit to be made for. Each trip was #13,000(Thirteen thousand Naira) and offered to to give her the sum of #10,000 from the profits if she provides the requested finance to compete the contract.

She accepted and on my instruction, she paid the sum of #1,600,000. to Oluchi okereke account. An account I sent to her. The money represent 50trips.As the job progressed my sister Mrs Emmadoye funded the additional delivery of twenty trips of sand. This time the money was sent directly to my skye bank account.bring her total job to 70 trips. In all this there is no communication of any form between Mrs Emmadoye and my partner or Crovation ltd.

The job was completed in August 22nd 2017 and I submitted invoice to crovation ltd and payment would be processed in 30days after delivery.
Following delay to process payment by crovation ltd and pressure on me to pay my sister's entitlement in the transaction, I sent a copy of the LPO to her and introduce her to my partner and to Crovation ltd.In a bid to assure her that her money is safe.

Shortly thereafter the sum of #1,500,000.00 was paid through prechiam ltd. my partners company and the money was shared between all the stakeholders in the transaction with My sister Mrs doris Emmadoye Esiaka getting #800,000.00.

When subsequent payment became due my sister mrs Emmadoye without my consultation or approval approached Crovation ltd and requested that the PAYMENT be made thorough her husband company account.( Bssl technologies ).The Payment was processed through the husband company account. A total of #800,000.was paid to the Bssl account and she kept this money to herself.

When I learnt of the development, I quickly reached out to crovation ltd and expressed my complete disapproval of processing due payment to an unauthorized person or entity in the transaction and requested that every payment should be made through prechiam ltd. The company we used in the transaction. We also decided to wait till complete payment before any further sharing of money.
And I communicate same to her

Then on the 25th of January 2018 my sister and her husband Olorogu James Emmadoye reported to the police - Federal Sars Ikeja via a petition written against pastor Denise onyeagba & others and claimed that we defruaded them and threatend their life. They forges an agreement claiming to have deal with prechiam engineering ltd. And that I'm not involved in the transaction. Since then they have been using all powers at their disposal to make life difficult for me. From F-sars now the matter have been transferd to zone 2 x squad.

Advice and help needed. Please.