One WWE Superstar has yet to be assigned to a specific brand

There is one WWE Superstar who has yet to be assigned to a brand.

is not listed on any of the brand-specific sections on and her name was not included in the Superstar Shake-Up last week.

Cross wrestled at Raw live events over the weekend and I’m told she will be a permanent member of Raw brand moving forward.

Cross has appeared on both Raw and SmackDown Live in recent months and the reason why she has yet to be assigned to Raw is simply that creative was trying to figure out what to do with her and what brand she would be best for her.

Her permanent move to Raw means she will not be traveling with her husband Killian Dane, formerly of SAnitY.

Another wrestler that has yet to be assigned is Samoa Joe but that is because he was out with the flu last week. Click here for the latest on WWE’s plans for him.

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