Read Between the Lines When He Calls You Cute, Sexy or Beautiful

  • Read Between the Lines When He Calls You Cute, Sexy or Beautiful

    Read Between the Lines When He Calls You Cute, Sexy or Beautiful

    Everybody likes to be called by different terms of endearment.

    When you get a haircut or when you put on something nice or when you put in extra effort towards your appearance. Maybe sometimes there doesn’t have to be a specific reason to it either. The bottom line is, it’s nice when your significant other calls you cute, sexy or beautiful.

    Although all three of these are terms of endearment, what do they really mean? One thing is for sure; they are all utilized in different situations. So, let’s decipher what he really means when he calls you cute, sexy, or beautiful. 

    1. Cute

    This perhaps is an elementary stage. He will call you cute because he thinks you are. Now cute can mean different things for different people, but there is one common denominator.

    You have his attention, and he thinks that you are absolutely endearing.

    It is a subtle way of announcing that he likes you. The specialty of the word cute is that it is not very overbearing. It is the perfect ice breaker — the perfect way to steer the conversation to get to know you more. The words, “I think you are cute,” will spark your interest as well.

    Don’t try denying it. You will want to know how, and the conversation will keep going.

    Furthermore, cute can be applied to your personality as well as your appearance. A cute person may not necessarily be childlike, a category which most people associate the word cute with. Being called cute can mean that he likes your quirky personality or your subtle and charming demeanor or maybe even both.

    So, by no means is cute a bad thing to be called. 

    2. Sexy


    Now we are heading into wilder waters. Again, the word sexy may have a definitive meaning and most people will associate it with physical appearance.

    However, that is not always the case. There are basically two roads you can take with “sexy.” It can be applied to physical appearance, for example, a certain type of physique or a particularly alluring attire. In this context, he is probably trying to say that you look very seductive or sexually attractive. It may even serve to convey lustful intentions.

    On the other hand, sexy may also mean your personality, state of mind and the way you carry yourself. If you are strong, bold and confident, those characteristics may also translate into “sexy.” He may be taken by the way you conduct yourself around others.  Your strength, sincerity, and integrity can be as seductive as any dress, if not more than that. 

    3. Beautiful

    The word beautiful is really special. It packs within itself so much affection and emotion.

    If he calls you beautiful, it’s safe to assume that you have hit a home run. Usually, beautiful is reserved for the one who is all and more. They are to be called beautiful for the lack of a better word. When he calls you beautiful, it probably means that to him all of you is perfect or maybe even beyond perfect.

    Beautiful for everyone is different.

    You may notice that he won’t always use the term when you’re all dolled up. He’ll say it when you have no makeup on, or when your hair is a mess or when you’re wearing your most comfortable (read ugly) clothes. This implies that it not just your physical appearance that he is in love with, but it is all of you.

    That is what he really means when he calls you cute, sexy or beautiful.

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