Welcome to the New AjiboticNews

As Stated Previously on our Announcement, We have successfully expanded Ajibotic Project...


As stated Previously on our  Announcement, We have successfully expanded Ajibotic Project to a Social Networking platform With Blog (News) System. We will continue to feed you with the Trending News. 

Good news is you can now register and make new friends. 


Ajibotic is a Nigerian-Igbo pidgin Adjective,  which simply means Beautiful. Therefore to be Ajibotic means to be Beautiful. 

The Vision behind this project is to create an Edutainment, infomercial, and supportive Social platform for Nigerians, Africans and the world. 

Therefore,  on this 6th Day of October 2019,  we welcome you to Ajibotic Social Networking Platform.  We truly appreciate all our global readers. 

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