Taya Valkyrie sports a black eye in injury update video

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Impact Knockouts Champion, Taya Valkyrie, took to Twitter this afternoon to update fans on an injury she suffered during an intergender tag match yesterday. She initially posted a picture of the bruises and swelling last night.

Apparently, this was the result of a missed moonsault, which left her with a severely swollen eye and contusions across her face.

“As you can see, my face is still super swollen,” Valkyrie said. “We got some x-rays and stuff done last night because the pressure on my eye was actually really bad, but I don’t have any fractures. Thank God. It’s just severe swelling on the whole right side of my face, so, it’s just putting pressure on my eyeball. And some contusions. I just have some eye drops and lots of icing and I just have to try to stay positive even though I look like this.”

Later, when asked who responsible was for this Valkyrie replied, “Nobody, it was an accident. This is pro-wrestling and accidents happen. I’ve executed 1000s of perfect moonsaults. Tonight, something just went wrong. That’s all.”

Luckily, the injury isn’t critical, but it did force her to cancel a booking this weekend.

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We wish a swift recovery. Hopefully, this won’t affect many of her engagements going forward.

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