The Endless Struggles and Dramas of Borderline Narcissistic Couples

  • The Endless Struggles and Dramas of Borderline Narcissistic Couples

    The Endless Struggles and Dramas of Borderline Narcissistic Couples

    Personality disorders are regarded as mental illnesses and should be properly addressed by a licensed psychiatrist.

    These disorders can occur in the behavioral, emotional, and cognitive processes of the mind, and are generally marked by the sudden shift between extremes, such as sudden bursts of intense feelings of frenzy, to passive, bored and morose states of spirit.

    In this article, we’ll be talking about the compatibility and chances of getting together for a borderline narcissistic couple. Because the rate of mental illnesses is ever rising at frightful rates, people who suffer from different conditions may find themselves getting together.

    Should a borderline narcissistic couple be together? How well would they get along?

    How are the conditions defined?

    We all have friends who always brag about themselves and talk about the many accomplishments in their life as a couple.

    But what happens when things seem to go a little bit too far with all the bragging? When it becomes a little bit too much.

    There is a clear difference between having a healthy normal type of narcissism and having a narcissistic personality disorder. Narcissistic personality disorder is a very troubling mental illness that affects both the afflicted and the people around him more than people think it does.

    The Mayo Clinic writes that narcissistic personality disorder  or NDP is “a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others.

    People diagnosed with borderline personality disorder often times exhibit intense overpowering emotions and changes in mood. So, borderline narcissistic couples have trouble maintaining their interpersonal relationships and suffer from anxiety.

    They have an innate ability to adopt a chameleon-like social disguise, and they can easily blend in the social circumstance they have at hand. Individuals suffering from BPD can easily exhibit feelings of guilt and remorse. They have low self-esteem and present a fragmented and confused sense of self.

    Opposites attract

    Opposites attract

    This is why there is a good chance that a borderline personality disorder may seem attracted by a narcissist. This is because individuals who suffer from narcissistic personality disorder are very confident and full of self-esteem, the borderlines will try to cling to them because they find this very attractive.

    A person with a fragmented sense of self and feelings of abandonment will naturally feel drawn close to a colorful and strong sense of self. The manipulative narcissist will also be drawn to the borderline’s fear of abandonment.

    This can only work if each partner is conscious enough of their own disorder and reach an agreement to bring out the best in each other. Since, both disorders are self-centered and based on self-perception, the can easily turn into a resentful one if the couple isn’t careful and aware of their conditions.

    Borderline narcissistic couples do face a lot of drama and have to really struggle to keep their balanced and less toxic.

    It can get toxic

    Borderline narcisstic couple or individual is always craving for and affection. The narcissist can exploit this in a very perverse way.

    from a narcissist isn’t always expressed as sincere as it sounds. This is because, narcissist have cognitive empathy and lack affective empathy, when the borderline will inevitably get a very upsetting mood swing, there is a chance that the narcissist will not care.

    Also, because the disorders are often time sprung out of childhood traumas, they often times suffer from an injured sense of self, and still struggle to build an identity. They present an innate ability to lie, cheat, manipulate and also tend towards self-destructive and risky behavior. The couple may try to project each other’s negative emotions and frustrations onto another and result in a never-ending circle of shaming and complaint.

    Dealing with individuals who suffer from narcissist personality disorder can be very hard work, but nevertheless borderlines still choose to get entangled in romantic relationships with them.

    In the first phases of their relationship, the borderline perceives the narcissists character as strong, alluring and romantic, but that is just a mask that the narcissist puts on to lure his prey.

    Although there are ways for the borderline to cope with the narcissist’s character, the relationship can easily slip into chaos and disappointment, often times with scars that could have been avoided.

    So, relationships of borderline narcissistic couples are toxic or not, you be the judge of it!

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