The Top 6 Female Gestures That Indicate a Girl Likes You

  • The Top 6 Female Gestures That Indicate a Girl Likes You

    The Top 6 Female Gestures That Indicate a Girl Likes You

    Women often complain that men are completely clueless when it comes to picking up subtle hints.

    Now men are not minded readers, but they can certainly pick up signals that indicate when a woman is interested in them. Pay attention to how she acts when you are around and what she says as it is easy to miss these flirty signals.

    It is easier to identify these subtle cues if you know what to look for. The top six female gestures that drive all men crazy are – 

    1. It’s all in the eyes

    You can discern a lot by how a woman looks at you.

    If she tends to hold your gaze or if you find her checking you out frequently then it is a sure sign that she is considering you more than a co-worker or a friend.

    We hear stories about how couples look across the room, lock eyes, and feel an instant connection. However, it is more subtle in reality. Have you looked up and caught a woman staring at you only to look away in embarrassment?

    Well, this is a positive sign of attraction, and you can bet that she is not thinking about her grocery list!  

    If a woman looks in your eyes while talking to you, then you should return the gesture by maintaining straight-on eye contact.

    This will make you appear more open while letting her know that you are also interested. 

    2. She is genuinely interested in your life

    When you have a conversation with your lady friend do you just make small talk or do you talk about meaningful things? If a woman finds you attractive, she would love to find out more about you. She will ask you questions about your dreams, values, aspirations, and passions and she will listen to your answers attentively.

    When she sees you opening up to her, she is more likely to share personal details and stories about herself. Being honest and open is important for the success of any relationship.

    If she opens up to you, it means that she is comfortable around you which is a positive sign. And this is definitely one of the six female gestures that drive all men crazy. 

    3. She remembers the things that you say

    Another strong indicator that she is interested in you is that she will remember the things you talked about –whether it be a lifelong dream, a childhood fantasy, or a coveted vacation destination. If she remembers it, it shows that she was paying attention to your conversation.

    This ability to recall small details about your life proves that she is genuinely interested in your life and these conversations are important to her. 

    4. She finds ways to touch you

    She finds ways to touch you

    This does not necessarily mean that she will kiss you or hug you from the first date. It means that she will look for excuses to touch you subtly.

    She might playfully throw a punch at you, or her arm might brush against your arm, or she might stand closer to you during a conversation.

    These are all signs that show that a woman likes you but is not ready to say it in so many words. 

    5. She texts you or connects with you on social media

    Women have this innate need to communicate.

    If a woman calls you or texts you frequently or out of the blue, it is a sure sign that she is thinking about you and wants to connect with you. In olden days courtships were carried out by writing love letters. As a matter of fact many psychologists still advice potential couples to send letters to one another to fuel romance.

    In today’s technological world, however, love texts replete with lots of emoticons are used to express love.

    If a woman answers your texts in monosyllable or takes days to answer, then it is not a good sign. But if she gives thoughtful answers or replies quickly, then it is an indication of her interest in you.

    Interacting with your posts on social media is another indicator that she likes you. If she likes your posts on Facebook or Instagram, it shows that she frequently checks your profile and is very fond of you. 

    6. Body language

    Another important sign that shows if a woman is interested in you can be found in her body language.

    If she is interested, she will have a forward and open body language. Pay attention to her feet. If they are pointing towards you even if she is faced away from you, then it is a good sign.

    Other behaviors that show that she is attracted to you include leaning towards you, exposing her neck or tilting her head during a conversation, legs uncrossed and comfortable, smiling, playfully fondling hair or jewelry, blushing, or looking down shyly.  

    While on the other hand if she seems standoffish or closed off, does not maintain eye contact during conversation and keeps her arms crossed you can easily assume that she is not into you.

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