Three Reasons Why He Has Not Popped The Question

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Are you in a but are not certain that he loves you back because he has not popped the question? Are you are scared that if you reverse the role, you might come off as too easy and ruin a good thing?

We understand that too.

We also know that it is one thing to reaffirm his for you by initiating the talk. It is another thing to know if he really means it because we have seen people say they you and turn back to give you the biggest shock of your life, right?!

However, there is one thing that is quite certain. Bringing up the talk means he has been thinking about it which also means that, more often times than not, he is saying this to prepare your mind towards a proposal depending on the type of person that he is.


Not every man wants to give up his freedom to commit that easily.

A woman at a proposal. Photo capitalfm

So how do you make him change his mind?

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There are certain reasons why he has not popped the question:

There is a popular saying that a man’s pain should not be reflected on his face or anywhere else because it makes him look weak even though some have found themselves emotionally damaged because of incidents that happened in their childhood. And when you think about the percentage of men who did not have a present father figure, you might understand his reluctance. Also, this could even be worse if he grew up in a sad, violent family or his parents’ divorce played out horribly for him. Thankfully, you can start loving conversations surrounding that.

You know what they say about being careful when you fall in , so you don’t break your back? The problem with this is, you really do not decide who you fall in with. Also, there is the probability to be in and not get loved back in return. Chances are he was in with someone and got hurt. He might be scared of reliving the same experience with you.

There is a category of men that do not just believe in marriage or commitment no matter your conviction. If he happens to fall into this category and you are sure that isn’t what you want, please leave the . You deserve more than that.

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Now that we have addressed this, show him why he cannot leave without you literally: in actions, in words and in the most loving way possible. Here is the catch: while you are at it, he’d find himself thinking about your future together without realising that it.

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