Time to Part Ways If You Have Heard These 7 Things from Him

  • Time to Part Ways If You Have Heard These 7 Things from Him

    Time to Part Ways If You Have Heard These 7 Things from Him

    A is a gamble.

    In a , you never know if you are going to win the bet or not. Falling in love can be a drastically mysterious experience with many benefits and drawbacks.

    Being in a relationship can never be all milk and roses, to be honest. Your relationship is expected to have multiple dimensions. Some could be perfect while others could be flawed. Your relationship is expected to go through scores of challenges, some tough and some even tougher.

    Where we encourage you to have lots of compassion for your partner to help him improve himself, you are also suggested to not overlook yourself.

    There are a couple of things that are worth no forgiveness. If your man says these 7 things to you, leave him NOW! 

    1. ‘’You are way too sensitive’’

    In an attempt to make you understand his point of view, he neglects how ‘you’ feel about a certain situation. If he does not sensitize when needed, he is not the right person to be someone’s romantic partner.

    You truly deserve a person who not only values your sensitivity but admires the way you care about little things. 

    2. ‘’You know nothing’’

    If this is what you hear in an argument between you and your partner, you should know that your man is not flexible enough to hear others’ perspective. He is from a rigid school of thoughts, which encourages him to think, he knows best.

    If he tells you that he knows more than you, only to get you to agree with him on everything, he holds no compassion for you in his heart. And that he is the wrong guy. 

    3. ‘’Why can’t you be like that girl in pink shrug?’’

    You are one in a million, and you do not need to prove to be better than anybody.

    Everyone is perfect in her own way.

    You just need to be confident about yourself to win the world. You plainly require to be comfortable in your own skin. This is it.

    If your man compares you with other women, it is equal to devaluing you. The poor guy does not know your worth if he makes such silly comparisons. 

    4. ‘’I wish you were as clever as my ex used to be’’

    I wish you were as clever as my ex used to be

    Lady, you better know, you are not there to fit in. You are not there to fill the vacuum somebody’s absence created. You deserve to be having a unique place in his heart.

    If he asks you to act like his former girlfriend, he is clearly demeaning you. No woman would ever want to be treated like that. It also indicates that he does not love you to the fullest. If he still romanticizes some habits of his exes, he is not really into you. 

    5. ‘’You should not talk to your friends this often’’

    If he tries to limit your acquaintances, he is insecure about you. A guy should not obstruct his girlfriend with these unreasonable demands. He partners with you, he does not own you.

    In a healthy and happy relationship, you should be free to meet your relatives and old friends as often as you want. Your partner is not morally authorized to decide who you should meet, and who you shouldn’t meet. 

    6. ‘’Either you choose me or … ‘’

    He is not a very positive guy if he jumps the gun in no time. It is even more terrible if he asks you to keep him or anything/anyone on the opposite end.

    Cut to the chase – it’s called emotional blackmailing.

    He is not serious about the relationship if he creates an awful situation where you are asked to choose between your partner and your opinion. It implies he wants himself to be chosen over other priorities of yours.

    It will not make any difference to him if you decide to lose him for something on the other end. If that’s the level of seriousness he has, let go of him. 

    7. ‘’How dare you shout back?’’

    If he calls you names while arguing and turns it into an ugly fight, it is high-time you chose to let him go once and for all. You have to make a choice between ‘’him’’ and ‘’peace of mind’’.

    You should care loads about your mental and emotional health. Even if it is an intense relationship, you should not turn a blind eye to your emotional well-being.

    Say a firm no to being emotionally abused

    If your man is says these seven things to you, leave him! Never allow anyone to treat you the way one should not be treated. Instead of suffering endless pain, it is wise to call it off before matters go out of hand.

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