Understand a Testosterone Brain by the Help of a Man’s Perspective

Understand a Testosterone Brain by the Help of a Man’s Perspective

Picture this: You are dining with your man in a restaurant having a great time, and suddenly a woman in a skimpy dress passes by, and you notice your man tilting his head to get a better look at her butts and chest.

I’m sure this situation is no stranger to a woman.

Every woman has caught her husband or boyfriend doing this. Suddenly you get filled up with a surge of emotions, jealousy, pain, anger, and insecurity. Questions start running through your head; does he like her more? Does he want her? Does he want to sleep with her? Is he leaving me?

Men like to look

This familiar scenario is every woman’s nightmare. And the truth is men like to look. Well if you have had such questions run through your mind and ruin your day, then we are here to help.

Keep on reading and find out what goes through a man’s head when he stares at another woman when his girl is right next to him.

Understand a testosterone-induced brain

A man's definition of what their look means differs from a female’s definition

In a man’s world, it is completely normal for a man to look at women. It is completely natural for him to look at other women while being in a . Because their definition of what the look means differs from a female’s definition.

So what does “The Look” mean?

  • He finds the girl attractive (physically)
  • When he saw the girl, some chemicals were released in his brain, and that filled him with a surge of pleasure.
  • A part of him wants her and wonders what it would be like but in a completely innocent way.

This look is similar to the look woman give to Denzel Washington or George Clooney.

What “The Look” doesn’t mean:

  • He finds the girl more beautiful than you
  • He is not happy in the commitment with you anymore
  • He is no longer happy with you
  • He is no longer attracted to you or your body
  • You no longer satisfy his needs
  • You aren’t____ (skinny, sexy, hot attractive, loving, etc.) enough for him anymore
  • He is unfaithful to you
  • You should be mad at him or jealous at her or insecure about your body
  • Your is doomed.

To put it simply, him looking at the girl has nothing at all to do with you

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The world has some beautiful sights such as the beaches, sunsets, and flowers. But just like looking at these things does not make you unattractive similarly looking at a woman does not make you unattractive either.

Why men look at other womenFor men, emotional connection and sexual attraction do not go together

For men, emotional connection and sexual attraction do not go together.

They can be attracted to a woman solely on a physical level and get turned on without feeling any kind of connection or compatibility with her.  

Women get more attracted to men based on the level of familiarity.

The more connection and familiar they are with the guy, the more attracted they feel. However, men are attracted to novelty. They are drawn to new things and different features and types of body.

Men can be head-over-heels in love with their partner and still be attracted to someone passing by their dinner table.

When does this become a problem?

While it is normal for men to notice other women and admire them, there is a line of respect that a committed and mature man will not cross.

Looking at her is one thing, and staring is another. Staring can downright be extremely embarrassing and offensive.

As the girl passes by there will a momentary shift of eyes, but as the girl passes, it will end. If your man continues to turn his head back and stare more and more than it can be a problem. Staring blatantly, passing inappropriate comments, flirting, touching and cheating are some red flags you must look out for.

These signs indicate that your man is not mature and respectable enough to control himself or he doesn’t respect you enough. This kind of behavior can ruin your life and does not bode well for the future of your relationship.

How to deal with this issue?

Well as mentioned men have a habit of looking. However, to stop yourself from overthinking you will have to avoid assuming. Avoid reading too much into the problem. Remember what it means and what it doesn’t.

A glance does not mean he is betraying you.

Remember that out of all the women in his life he picked you. he chooses you to settle with and to love and to come home to every day. So say goodbye to being insecure and if this thing bothers you too much talk to your partner about it.

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